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Monthly Horoscope

August 2020



Achievements, & Security, Ready set go! 

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I know my fellow Capricorns have been getting hit hard the past few years.  The universe has plans for you to change and evolve.  You will get through this.  Mars is in your 4thhouse and Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn have been in your first house of the physical body and life path.  Saturn in the 1sthouse can really irritate your body. You may have been feeling your body a bit more rigid and stiff.  If that’s the case, please drink lots of water and make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals. Saturn rules the bones and Mars the blood so making sure you vitalize the body will assist both of these systems.  There may be more home responsibilities that prevent you from having fun or enjoying life fully.  Jupiter is transiting your 1sthouse so you do feel more optimistic than other times but at times your moral does need some boosting. If you are noticing tension incorporate some home exercise workouts, yoga, or stretching. There might be changes in the home environment or remodeling is required.   Mars in the 4thhouse likes to destroy and rebuild, great for remodeling and revamping or conquering new territories by moving places of home. Mars can cause some accidents so be extra careful with fire in the home. Avoid leaving candles unattended. Best stone for this is fire opal and malachite.  You have the drive to achieve what you want and you know it!


New Moon in Leo on 8/18/20 

New moons represent new beginnings. The new moon in the 8th house is asking you to set intentions in the area of intimacy and joint resources.  There is a possibility that you can earn more money based on your partnerships. If you are single you can meet someone that feels like you’ve known forever. If married, you might be craving more intimacy and connecting with your partner.  Set intentions around money or intimate love. You may also be interested in the occult or taboo. Studying astrology, tantra, law of attraction, or energy can call your attention. Manifest money honey. 


Venus in the 7th house of partnerships and romance. If you are single you can meet a new person. If in a relationship, there will be a huge emphasis placed around romance and partnerships.  You will find yourself more diplomatic and gracious. Your partner or relationships with others will be pleasant and very pleasurable. Venus will sweeten up your life and also influence your personality.  Calendar some dates or plan a hang out with the people you love the most.  


Capricorn Crystals For the Month:

Rose Quartz - Love and Healing

Peach Moonstone - Abundance and Kindness


Love, Abundance, & Luck,


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