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Monthly Horoscope

October 2020

Get your Goals in order

Check your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for a comprehensive astrology interpretation. Don't know your rising sign, check out my free birth chart calculator.

Make it a October to remember

Full moon in Aries in your 11th house of goals and dreams, and social networks. You may get into arguments with close friends or with people on social media. It's time to change your habits around this area of life.  

On September 9th Mars retrogrades in your 11th house of goals, networks,  and community. Mars is urging you to advocate for what you believe in and really intensifying your humanitarian beliefs. 

Mars will give you the confidence you are seeking to fuel your goals and desires.  Set intentions, just saying. You may get into some quarrels with friends but hey ho’oponopono on.. We all have our bad days. Check out my YouTube video on the Full Moon in Aries

New Moon in Libra 

On October 16th, there’s a new moon in Libra in your 5th house of Romance. You can set intentions to improve your love life, call for a soulmate, or to start a creative project. You will be fueled with more youthful energy.  This is the house of children as well, set intentions for your children to be successful

Love, Abundance, & Luck,




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