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Astro Reiki: Unlock the Cosmos Within & Transform Your Life

As I delved deeper into the world of astrology after becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, I’ve discovered the profound interplay between the vibrational energies of natal charts and elemental imbalances. This insight led to the creation of Astro Reiki, a unique fusion of Reiki and astrology, now refined to focus on sixteen individualized attunements based on Western Tropical Astrology.

Astro Reiki is a specialized system designed to balance and align astrological elements within your natal chart, focusing specifically on the twelve zodiac signs and the four elements. This approach offers a streamlined yet powerful way to harmonize your personal astrological influences. 🌠

Valued at a celestial $444, this transformative course is now available for an energetic exchange of just $222. This offer is radiant until 12/25/23, with enrollment closing on the cusp of the new year, 12/30/2023. 🌙✨

Following 12/25/23, the course fee will increase to $333, a special rate from its original price of $444. Seize this exclusive opportunity, as it will not be available again at this price.

Your cosmic journey includes:

Certificate of Completion: A testament to your astrological and Reiki journey. 📜

Bonus Buddy Session: Enhance your skills with a classmate in a session valued at $111. 💞

Distance Astro Reiki Healing: For the first ten luminaries, an exclusive healing session worth $222, aligning your energies with the universe. 🌠

First Live Class: Connect in our first live Zoom class on 1/06/2023 at 9:30 am PST. 📅

Course Hub Access: Revisit the teachings with class recordings available on our course hub. 🖥️

With Astro Reiki, activate and balance specific zodiac energies and elemental aspects in your natal chart. From amplifying fiery Aries assertiveness to embracing the grounding energy of Earth elements, each attunement is a step towards personal growth and spiritual alignment. 🔮✨

Join us in this celestial journey. Secure your place in the cosmos before the portal closes, and let the stars guide our shared ascent. Your tribe awaits, Astro Gems. Let’s illuminate our path together. 🌟💫

Love always,

AstroKrys 🔮 ✨

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