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Chiron in Aries ♈️

“Heal the Inner Child to Transform.”

Chiron in Aries ♈️ started a new cycle through the zodiac. Chiron entered Aries ♈️ last year. Chiron is known as “The Wounded Healer.” Chiron in our charts show where we have a deep seeded injury or hurt. Chiron was selfless healer and teacher of herbal medicine, astrology, elixirs, and teacher to the Gods. He was rejected by his parents Saturn 🪐 and his mother an ocean nymph for being born a centaur. He was born a centaur due to Saturn disguising himself as a horse to run away from the scene when he was discovered by his wife making love to the ocean sea nymph. (During one of his many romances.) When he was born both of his parents rejected him this was raised by Apollo.

Apollo taught Chiron the art of medicine, herbs, music, archery, hunting, gymnastics and prophecy and astrology, and made him civilized above his beastly nature.

While, training Hercules, Chiron was accidentally shot on the thigh by Hercules with an arrow containing Medusa’s poison. Since, Chiron was immortal he was slowly being poisoned 🤢 and in incredible pain. He already endured great childhood pain and once again as an adult suffered another injury. Chiron was known to be kindhearted and of service although he was rejected and injured by his student. Chiron wanted his pain to stop. He inquired to the Gods to trade places with Prometheus as he was already cursed by unrelieved pain. Prometheus was already serving his own fated painful punishment by the God’s due to his actions. The God’s agreed to have Chiron trade places. Chiron‘s willingness to trade places he was giving a constellation in the stars and his pain ended.

Chiron, is not just wounded but he’s also healed. The beauty his myth is he was able to heal himself. He healed by healing others and making the ultimate sacrifice to place his needs before others. Identifying and pointing out our pain in order to heal is truly a unique gift whom only those with conscious awareness can unlock. The transformation from hurt to healed takes acceptance, transformation, and selflessnes.

The Chiron lesson is very painful. This can be translated to a battered woman with children whom finally finds the courage to leave her abusive husband. She rebuilds a new life for her children and herself. She makes sacrifices and after self fulfillment she becomes a battered woman an children advocate, volunteers for such causes, or starts a non profit to help to that walked this too familiar path. Another example would be a young man whom was raised by his grandparents due to having alcoholic or drug dependent parents. He secretly thought he was not lovable or worthy for his parents to choose him over their addictions. He grows up with an emptiness, becomes a father with his own family, and realizes that he holds deep rooted pain of abandonment. While battling his demons and just before he looses his family he realizes that his past doesn’t define him and that he can break free from his pain. He transforms this pain to drive and breaks the pattern of abandonment to become a good family man. He volunteers his time to families and children with addictions, becomes a coach, or forms and non profit organization.

These individuals have endured the Chiron lesson and is now able to see the purpose in what they had to go through so they may be the person they are today. The lesson doesn’t have to be so traumatic or intense. The Chiron lesson can vary, but it will always hit us where it hurts.

It maybe a physical, psychological, or generational wound. Chiron wound is one that we hold dear to our heart ❤️ but has caused tremendous pain.

Chiron retrograde, joins the retrograde team and asks us to slow down, reflect, and heal the inner child.

Chiron in the sign of Aries can be cut throat. However, this time around the universe has conspired to pair Chiron and Mars in Aries ♈️ retrograde. If transiting Chiron is making any aspects to any of your personal planets or points, you have a great opportunity to heal past hurts.

Chiron is transiting through aries, we’ll feel that the wound is being triggered by Mars. The area of life that is triggered can creep up on us or literally feels like a ton of bricks 🧱.

When Chiron in retrograde, we’re being asked to slow down, to reflect, and work towards healing.

While the wounded healer finds their purpose in their pain, we first have to heal if we’re going to be able to help others. Chiron retrogrades can be challenging because the potential to trigger a deep rooted wound can come up.

If you are well on your path of spiritual development, the Chiron retrograde can prepare you to face your pain and do the work that is required toward our next stage of development. The work will be raw and painful but the beaut is that your identified it and worked the karmic pain out.

The area of life that has Aries ♈️ on the cusp between the degrees of 14° through 26° Aries ♈️ is where you will feel the Chiron energy and the source of your pain. Check out your #natalchart with my FREE birth chart calculator and locate your natal Chiron. Hint: The degree of your natal Chrion is the age that the injury occurred. So if you’re Natal Chiron is at 15° Taurus ♉️ think 🤔 about what happened to you when you were 15 and if nothing reduce the number by adding 1 + 5 = 6 years old. Always start with the whole degree, it’s also a possibility that you may have injuries at both ages.

Take note of the house, aspects and modality of your natal Chiron. Compare these natal astrological aspects to the trasiting Chiron. This will describe how you will perosnally feel this energy.

Chiron may be wounded, but he reminds us that he achieved healing due to his selfless act of sacrifice. Once he achieved this level of consciousness, his pain was transformed into purpose.

What to do during Chiron retrograde? It’s recommended to start—>

❤️ Journaling

❤️ Shadow Work

❤️ Inner Child Work

❤️ Meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️

❤️ Gratitude Rituals

❤️ Crystal Healing

❤️ Alternative Medicine to heal

Don’t know your Chiron’s natal placement? Check out my FREE #birthchart calculator to get your #natalchart

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