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Jupiter ingress Taurus ♉️ Crystals

Crystals to maximize your abundance and worth during the Jupiter ingression to Taurus ♉️

Jupiter in Taurus ♉️ is a total new vibe than Jupiter in Aries ♈️. Let's start with the elemental change from Aries cardinal fire to Taurus fixed earth. Fire can do great things with earth such as spark life, create glass, and form crystals! Of course, these are just some of the magic these two elements can alchemist. Jupiter in Taurus ♉️ will be quite grounding and expansive. Whatever you seeded durning the Jupiter Aries transit will gain strength, manifest resource, and materialize.

It's a great transit to learn what abundance means to you and how to manifest worth in your life. Worth is just such a powerful yet overly used word. Let's explore this a bit more. These are some of the questions you can reflect on during the Jupiter in Taurus ♉️ tranist.

What is my networth?

Who and what is worthy of my time?

How healthy is my self worth ?

Focus on this key word "worth" during the Jupiter in Taurus transit, as the gains and insights you achieve will definitely be worth your time 😉

Krystalogy 💎 Affirmations:

Nundoorite: "I harness happiness"

Green Jade: "I bask in earths abundance"

Chrysocolla & Malachite "I heal my throat, heart, and third eye chakra"

Raw Emerald "I am successful"

Pistachio Calcite "I am kind to myself"

Green Onyx "I speak my truth"

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Emma Laham
Emma Laham
11 de mai. de 2023

My Jupiter !

11 de mai. de 2023
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Jupiter return year!!!! 🥳

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