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Lunar Eclipse Ready!

Eclipse Season is here!

The first of the 3 eclipses will be on June 5, 2020. Interesting 🧐 that’s the shadow degree of mercury retrograde 😳. Lunar eclipses ☀️ 🌍 🌝 are all about emotions and releasing. It's truly magical how the planets align to create a penumbral lunar eclipse. In astrology, this phenomenon has a very your unique meaning. A lunar eclipse is technically a Full Moon. Symbolically, the feminine energy (yin, great mother moon) is the furthest away form the masculine energy (yang, great father sun), but the earth 🌍 (tangible dimension) intervenes and blocks the masculine light from reflecting on the moons surfaces. Thus not allowing the moon to SHINE BRIGHT in the sky. The moon then is able to shed her fears, worries, and sorrows. The Goddess Selena is transforming and for a moment allowed to just be on her own with out the command of the king. This state is very powerful and was highly respected by ancient astrologers. Eclipses were followed by many ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Aztecs, Mayas, Babylonians, Native Americans, Japanese,Vedic Indians, Chinese, and Greco-Romans to name a few. Solar Eclipses ☀️ 🌙 are about new beginning and new ventures. Some very interesting astrology is happening here people#timesarechanging.

The day an eclipse occurred all would stay in doors as they believed that witnessing the eclipse can cause a curse or even worse death. The only persons watching the eclipse were the Astrologers, as they would take note what stars were conjunct the moon as they would have infuse on the omen of the sky.

It’s very important to start journaling as soon as you can. Take note 📝 of your feelings and ANYTHING IMPORTANT THAT HAPPENED throughout the day. Mercury retrograde in the sign of Cancer ♋️, as a collective we will really feel the eclipse 4x more stronger. Mercury is ruling North Node (karmic point), currently transiting the sign of Cancer ♋️ , will be near the eclipse point and starts his mercury shadow period. Cancer is a very kind and intuitive sign but also very sensitive (the good vibes or the bad vibes) so we need to make sure that we are in the right state of mind. Mercury being the ruler of the mind and intellect may cause extreme emotional 😭 intensity to the mercury retrograde period. Self care ❤️ is a MUST❣️

Lunar Eclipse Themes:

🌝 Emotions and Feelings

🌕 Releasing blockages and fears

🌝 Letting Go go of BAD Relationships

🌕 Releasing Negative Habits

🌝 Releasing Unhealthy Attachments

🌕 Culmination of a negative situation

Look at your natal chart, take note which house is impacted with retrograde, if there a natal planet near the eclipse point, and look at your solar arc chart and progressed chart to really get the big picture on how this eclipse will be affecting you on a personal level. Don't have a natal chart? Check out my FREE birth chart calculator.

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