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Lunar Eclipses & Relationships

Eclipses are known to bring lots of change into ones life, one of them would be relationships. Eclipses falling in your 5th House, 7th House, or 10th Houses, rulers of these houses, in aspect to your natal Venus, or planets in these house are signals that your relationships will be shaken up!

The natal chart houses 🏘 tell us about all the relationships that will be on the forefront, as all the house contribute to the complexity of human relationships.

Lunar eclipses, regardless of which house they fall in, represent critical moments in evaluating all partnerships. The Lunar Eclipse is a Full moon 🌕 aspect. The Sun and Moon are in opposition, which highlight career and home matters. The Sun being an indicator of career and status and the moon indicator of the home life. Our personal interactions are on the forefront. The May 26, 2021 Lunar Eclipse at 5.26° Sagittarius/Gemini axis, Check your natal chart to see what planets, cusps, or points you have between (0° - 28°) of the mutable signs, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces.

Eclipses & Romance

Eclipses tend to catapult developments and relationships are no exception. Whether you are in a romantic relationship or looking for love, eclipses might mark a time for finding, evolving, or ending partnerships. If you’re in a partnership that’s going just fine? Your relationship may come through eclipses intact and strong, with only a few adjustments. However, if this year’s eclipses are impacting sensitive points in your chart, especially the relationship areas .... buckle up 💺. Well your in for a ride, you may find that your partnership isn’t as solid as it seemed.

Romantic relations, partnerships, and unions of all sorts will feel some changes with this lunar eclipse in the mutable axis of Sagittarius ♐️ and Gemini ♊️. All connections with family members, friends, colleagues, and casual acquaintances included — Here are some thoughts:

If you are born with the Ascendant 📈, Sun ☀️ , or Moon 🌙 near 5° of:

Aries ♈️ /Libra ♎️ Freedom and Wisdom The relationships most likely to be impacted by this eclipse include those involving friendships, commerce, neighbors, siblings, teachers, clergy, and foreigners. These are relationships that help us define ourselves in relation to others from close relations to guidance by mentors. Communication and needs to express our formed philosophies and beliefs.

Taurus ♉️/Scorpio ♏️Money and Sex Things get interesting in this axis— the relationships most likely to be impacted by this eclipse are those involving your earnings, possessions, security, shared resources, and physical and/or psychological intimacy – including your astrologer, reiki healer, hypnotherapist or any therapist, your financial manager, and yes the person(s) who go between the sheets with you!

Gemini ♊️ /Sagittarius ♐️ Identity and Recognition The stars of the show! Gem/Sag signs are most likely to experience critical transitions in all romantic partnerships, close friendships, and business collaborations. You may start a new relationship, leave one that isn’t working, or make important changes in an ongoing relationship — all out of the blue. Make it or break it is your motto! For Sagittarius, this eclipse requires you take a long look at the way you’re presenting yourself, how well you’re taking care of yourself, and how effectively you’re balancing your own needs with those of the people closest to you.

Cancer ♋️ /Capricorn ♑️ Integration and Service Relationships with co-workers, medical professionals, health care providers, service animals, spiritual advisers, hidden enemies, and those with whom you have an unfair unequal relationship. Focus on your daily relationships and mental status. Lots of work is good, but it can also cause lots of stress!

Leo ♌️ /Aquarius ♒️The Pursuit of Happiness The relationships most likely to be impacted for you are those with friends, associates, and large networks, advisors, romantic relationships, including: your children and pets, lovers, fans of your work, and fellow members of community, fraternal, or trade organizations. This axis is quite nice and will shake up your hobbies, love interests, creative desires and your long term dreams, goals, and place in society.

Virgo ♍️/Pisces ♓️Achievement and Security This eclipse suggests changes in your home and heart, and in your status career direction. Where are you coming from – and where are you headed? Relationships especially subject to crisis and review are those between parents and children, between bosses and employees, and any relationship in which one person has more status than the other. Find a good home and career life balance!

The Lunar 🌝 Eclipse is at 5.26° Sagittarius ♐️ Moon 🌝 and Sun ☀️ at 5.26° Gemini ♊️ on May 26, 2021, 4:13 a.m. U.S. Pacific Time.

Check out my YouTube video on the Lunar Eclipse

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☀️💜🌝 Eclipses can change your life for sure! Plan something magical 🔮

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