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Mars enters Aries ♈️

“The praised one, ready for battle”

Transit 06/28/20 through 01/07/21

Mars is entering his native sign of rulership, Aries ♈️. The 👑 is in his thrown. Mars is very strong in the sign of Aries and can really exercise his skills while in ♈️. #showmewhatyoureworkingwith

It’s time to sharpen up your battling skills whether it is working out 🏋🏻‍♀️, boxing 🥊, sports 🏈, bodybuilding 💪🏼 or anything that uses the muscles and breaks a sweat. New exercise routine anyone? During his transit through Aries ♈️, Mars will be making some intense aspects 🎢 😳. Mars goes retrograde approximately every 2 years, lucky 🍀 us, 2020 is one of the years he goes retrograde 😯. Mars will spend about 6 months in the sign of Aries ♈️! Wow 😳

Mars is the planet of action, motivation and desire. Mars in our chart rules our drive, ambition, and our sex drive too. Mars will push us to achieve and fight a battle in the area he is in transit in your Natal Chart. Mars has been playing a big part around the eclipses and he will continue for the rest of the year. “Make love 💗 not war!” The sign of Aries ♈️ Mars will conjunct you— mega energy.

The Signs of Leo ♌️, and Sagittarius ♐️ will feel strong trine energy from Mars. Mars trine Leo ♌️ or Sagittarius ♐️ placements will provide the boost you are looking for to achieve a creative project, start a new venture, supportive for higher education, and to pick up a hobby or learn a new language.

The Signs of Gemini ♊️ and Aquarius will feel supportive energy with a sextile from Mars, but this energy does require effort and smart work. Mars sextile Gemini ♊️ and Aquarius is supportive to start a social venture, blogging, writing a book, contracts, networking, humanitarian causes, social reform, short courses, or improving communication with friends and loved ones.

The Signs of Libra ♎️, Cancer ♋️, and Capricorn ♑️ will feel the most tension. Mars is in the cardinal sign of Aries and will be sending tension aspects the the rest of the cardinal gang. Tension aspects bring a lot of work but are extremely useful for achieving and conquering. Just remember —->

Coal will never become a diamond 💎 without pressure!

Scorpio’s ♏️ will feel the heat🔥 since Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio. Mars will be squaring the new ruler of Scorpio Pluto, a few times during his retrograde and Mars and Pluto are POWERFUL. People born with Mars and Pluto in their chart have great generative magnetism and power.

Pisces ♓️ placement are saying not it! The water sign of Pisces will be the least impacted with Mars in Aries but they have other drama to deal will like the squares from the nodes for the next 18 months. Read Gemini North node and Sagittarius South node post.

Check out my FREE birth chart calculator so you can find what house Mars in Aries will be transiting and start putting his energy to work. For a prediction of how Mars in Aries will impact you personally you can check out my services.

Next retrograde: 9/9/2020 - 11/13/2020

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