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New Moon Seed of Life Crystal 💎 Grid

The New Moon 🌙 is the period of time when the moon is aligned with the Sun ☀️. The king and the queen of the sky unite to create. The Queen 👸🏻 🌙 Moon is not reflecting the King 👑 ☀️ sunlight.  This moon phase is called the dark moon. It‘s traditionally linked to the "Dark Goddess Hacate” which corresponds to gestation, the womb, the period of time of rest and reflection, and the bodies mysteries.  This phase is connected directly, to the Transfor native Divine Feminine energy. During the dark moon 🌚 phase, the moon 🌙 is shedding, changing, and recharging.  The moon 🌙 is being burned by the king 🤴🏻 ☀️, as she 🌙 is not shining brightly in the sky during this phase, hence the dark moon phase or underworld phase. This energy can be known as a “tough love energy”, in which transformation is required in order to reach new levels of self awareness. A time to discover the shadow self, deep soul digging, and free soul from the shackles that are holding soul development.

The New Moon in Astrology

The Moon is associated with the element of Water. Moon represents life changes, the emotional body, the oceans, dreams, intuition, and enhanced vision. The Moon rules the zodiac sign Cancer and is associated with the Fourth House in astrology. The Moon is also connected to our emotions, karma, and nurturing.

Sacred Geometry of the Flower

The Flower of Life is drawn as Venus dances in her orbit around the Sun. Venus creates a beautiful geometric shaped flower. This is a dance that Venus dances for 8 years at a time. This cycle is connected to the Full Moon 🌕 energy. However, the dark moon 🌚 is connected to the Seed of Life, the foundation Geometric shape of the Flower of Life.

Seed of Life Grid The intentions of this grid is to dedicate the connection of Venus and Moon.  The New Moon Grid can can be used to set intentions and can be included in any work connected to new moon energies. The Seed of Life is a universal symbol of creation. This geometric shape is the foundation or seed of the ancient pattern, the Flower of Life. The shape symbolizes the youthful Goddess Persephony when hidden from the mother by the father, very symbolic to the goddess’s mythology. The dark moon is a critical time when we plan and set intentions for the crescent moon 🌙 appearance in the sky. The crescent Moon 🌙 symbolic phase correlates to the divine feminine escaping the shackles of the king (Sun). Crescent moon goddess phase is ready to create and manifest. The Seed has been planted by the King(Sun) and the Moon (🌚) will carry out the growth of the seed until fruition.

The Seed of Life is formed with 6 circles around one. The 6 circles will always fit exactly around a 7th circle of the same size. Each circle fits into this pattern. Forming a rhythmic pattern which represents creation. These 7 circles mirror our chakras, the colors of the rainbow, and musical scales. It‘s the foundation seed to an infinite fractal pattern of life. The circles are completions but as they overlap, they join to create something bigger.

Manifesting Cycle

This ceremonial Seed of Life New Moon Grid is the foundation to a new intention which will be fostered to growth. The grow cycle is 6 months after when the Full Moon in the same zodiac sign has been reached. Example New moon in Gemini ♊️ (Sun ☀️ & Moon 🌙 ♊️), you will see tangible results of your intentions when there is a Full Moon between the Sun ☀️ in ♐️ and the Moon 🌙 in ♊️ , hence the 6 month period.

Set intentions that you’d be working towards achieving for the next 6 months. If you are energetically aligned to your desires, the universe will provide you with a Gift 💝, a manifested gift. It’s important that your intended goal is very attainable and that you set up opportunities to invite this desire in to your life. You plant the seed, now water it, nurture it, feed it, and watch it grow!

What will I need to create this grid?

Grid Tools:

The Stones : (1) Apamite, (6) Clear Quartz Points, (6) Hematite (1) New Moon Flower of Life Grid (1) Clearing Tool (Palo Santo, Sage, Belts, or Chimes)

Ready, Set, Start Manifesting! 

FREE DOWNLOAD New Moon Flower of Life Grid

Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved this tool or specimen for any purpose. The descriptions are spiritual and intuitive in nature and reflect our best philosophical opinion of esoteric and metaphysical purposes of these tools. This is in no substitute to medical care and is not medical advise. Please see an appropriate health care provider for any conditions you may have.

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