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North Node in Gemini South Node in Sagittarius Transit

May 4, 2020 through January 18, 2022

The universal karma has just shifted from Cancer/Capricorn axis to Gemini/Sagittarius axis. The nodes are responsible for the eclipses. The eclipses occur when the Sun and or the moon meet up with these celestial points known in astrology as the nodes. There is a rich mythology regarding North Node (Rahu) and South Node (Ketu).

Nodes in a Nutshell

The nodes are karmic points that move along with the celestial alignment with the moon 🌙 and the earth’s revolution around the sun☀️. In astrology the nodes represent our karmic mission. This is the karmic mission our subconscious chose to experience during this reincarnation. We didn’t come here with out guidence, the nodes guide our karmic mission. The degree of the nodes will always be 180° degrees apart, as they are exactly opposite of each other. Most of the time they move in retrograde motion, which is clockwise around the astrological signs. The nodes are rarely stationary or direct in motion. (Check your chart for the nodes directions). There is the South Node (Gifts & Talents) and a North Node (soul’s evolution); theses points are special as they light up the soul‘s karmic path. The sign and houses located in your Natal Chart will warrant special attention (check out my karmic reading).

What is the meaning of the South Node (SN)?

The south node is the blessings, energy, and qualities with brought in our subcounsious from previous experiences. However, we are meant to grow and evolve. Energy is not stagnant as its always in motion. This energy naturally craves to reach the north node. Many astrologers say that we move away from the qualities of the south node which I completely disagree. In evolutionary astrology, it's believed that the first part of life we are living and experiencing the SN placement. Makes sense, right? After all the SN placement indicates what we have experienced and mastered in other lifetimes. The soul has gone through cycles of perfecting skills and lessons around the sign and the SN is located in our natal chart, which makes us masters of this energy and placement. The house and the sign that the South Node fall in your natal chart are the talents that you have mastered. Example if you have South Node in Sagittarius in the in the 7th house of relationship this means that you have perfected relating to others and partnerships (7H) and are sign of Sagittarius is philosophical, open minded, and adventurous at heart when it comes to relationships. The energy of SN is spiritual and disconnecting like Neptune. SN wants to materialize spiritual bliss, interested in otherworldly desires, and disconnect from the material world. This is why SN gets such a bad rap.... We tend to not fulfill out highest self if we stay stagnant. Then start doing practices that disconnect us from the material world, such as substance abuse, alcoholism, or other obsessions that prevent the development of the soul.

What is the meaning of the North Node?

The North Node is the fun part. That's the polar energy that we have yet to master. We have the potential to master this energy tho. How? Since, in astrology the zodiac signs work on an a polar axis and the exact opposite sign always compliment each other. Example the sign of Sagittarius represents higher education, long distance travel, our philosophical beliefs and the sign of Gemini rules primary education, local travel, and our logic to name a few. As you can see the list is similar yet different, not the exact same thing, but the qualities are alike. Thus the house and sign the NN is located is what we need to work towards. That is the karmic path. We tend to reach that maturity around the age of 42-46. Some, if lucky, due to other planetary placements get to experience the NN energy at a much younger age. Those who have to dish out and clean up some messes tend to take a little longer. No matter what path we will get there. The NN is hungry and eager to live up to it's expectations. The energy is some what of Uranus and Jupiter combined. As the north node wants to conquer the world but is also very unpredictable. The north node loves the material world and is interested in material pursuits, gains, and worldly desire.

The key is to learn to use the SN our gifts and stregths and the NN our karmic path and merge their qualities together. After all we are living in a material world so we do need the NN desire. On the other hand, we can practice spirituality but with out money desires we can't survive the material world. Even with all the money in the world we may not feel fulfilled without spirituality. They are two sides of the same coin and they need to work together. The karmic path is achieved by merging and evolving the energies together.

The transiting Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius

The nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius are going to be affecting our communities, schools, social networks, work environment, learning practices, and how we learn skills. The Gemini/ Sagittarius access naturally rules the 3rd (Gemini) house and 9th House (Sagittarius) axis. The nodes are considered to be exhausted in the sign of Gemini and Sagittarius. The transit nodes ask us to reflect and evolve. The energy of SN Sagittarius asks that we let go of the dogmatic, arrogant, know it all persona and evolve to the NN Gemini curious, attention to small details, and quick thinking persona. Our communities will see a great shift in how the everyday life activities (Gemini 3H) and old patterns and beliefs (Sagittarius 9H) will start seeing evolvement.

The traditional school system will never be the same. The K-12 system and collegiate institutions will implement more technology within the school structure and remodel the teaching methodologies. The government is most likely currently developing a new method of teaching that incorporates a hybrid friend learning structure. The Collegiate Institutions (sagittarius) will see a drop in enrollment. This is mainly due to the social trauma caused by the current circumstances. Second they will be more interested in learning a quick skill or going into online business ventures. The fast paced trade schools and apprenticeship courses will also see an increase in enrollment. A boom in short courses, personal development classes, and fast skills courses see lots of monetary gains.

The local neighborhoods will see more 5G hubs installed in addition to satellites to support the demand for technologies. Business will not be behind as they will too have to adjust to the technological demands of this transit. The nodes are not the only ones to take such credit but will greatly influence the development. The travel industry will also see a change, regarding how they price, how they allow travelers to visit aboard, and implementation of documents for travel clearance. The last time that the nodes were transiting the Gemini/Sagittarius axis new travel regulations were implemented due to 9-11. This caused a lot of government changes that are being implemented and practiced today. People will also be more guarded to travel aboard due to the restraints and also social trauma that occurred when the nodes were leaving the Cancer/Capricorn signs. Social networks will also boom as Gemini rules sales people and the internet so you will see more businesses throwing in the towel and head to the eCommerce work. Business will venture the online world for the majority of their operations (60-80%) if they don't go one hundred percent 100% online. Just say they will be more eBusiness friendly.

North Node in Gemini is thirsty for knowledge and curious to try everything. The South Node in Sagittarius is ready to see the small details.

This would be a great time to take a short course that supports your skill development, learn a new language, or learn a computer program. #DoWhatYouLove Geminis curiosity to master visual motor condition. Hobby skills like sign language, jewelry making, pottery, crafting, dancing, and blogging. Any hobby that encourage the use of the hands for fine motor development will be perfect. The downside of this transit is that we will want to take on too much and not finish anything. The "jack of all trades type of energy" but "expert of none." The persons that don't envelop due to the shadow side of Sagittarius will reap the repercussions, as the SN calls that we leave old unsuited beliefs behind and embrace our innate curiosity to learn.

The rulers of the nodes are Mercury (NN Gemini) and Jupiter (SN Sagittarius) which will key players on how this energy will play out on a mundane level. Jupiter will be starting a new cycle with Saturn know as #theGreatConjunction. This conjunction is talked about through history, deserves its on blog post (stay tuned).

Transit themes with Gemini/Sagittarius Axis

  • Details and facts over big picture thinking

  • Flexible beliefs over Old fashion beliefs

  • Community intergration over Global framework

  • Learning Soft Skills over Traditional learning methodologies

  • Social Media Communication platforms over outdated methods of Communication

  • Hobby development over traditional education

Gemini Themes:

  1. Travel industry

  2. Social Media Outlets

  3. Communication

  4. Gossip

  5. Transmission of Information

  6. Ideas and Thoughts

  7. Communities

  8. Curiosity

  9. Marketing

  10. Sales Promotions

  11. Networking

  12. Hobbies

  13. Skills

Sagittarius Themes:

  1. Philosophy

  2. International Affairs

  3. Global Communities

  4. Long-distance Travel

  5. Publishing

  6. Adventure and Freedom

  7. Higher Education

  8. Religious Beliefs

  9. The Big Picture

Do you know what sign and house your karmic nodes are? Get some clarity and learn about your karmic path. Check out your natal chart with my FREE Birth Chart Calculator. If you don’t know, check out my FREE birth chart calculator.

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