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Venus Trine Saturn 🪐

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Daily Horoscope 💫

Venus trine Saturn 🪐— well that’s a good aspect. A few months ago Venus was squaring Saturn. Truthfully, any aspect Saturn is hard work 😓, but hey, I’d take some help from Saturn anytime. Saturn likes Venus and her qualities. He is all supporting in her endeavors as long as she uses her ethical persuasion. Venus trine Saturn transit is ideal for committing to a relationship and making long-term investments. New love relationships started around this time can be long term. Especially, if there is an age gap. Can we say #soulmate potential.

Currently in a love 💕 relationship, then use this aspects energy to bond closer and form a solid foundation. If you‘ve been bickering or stressout then this is a good time to iron out the problems.... The positive side of this aspect is that diplomacy, fairness, and practically are it’s language so you can come to a mutual understanding. Not interested in a relationship — excellent time for Acts of Self Love 💕. Pamper yourself, set a routine to do acts of kindness, or start a self love challenge.

Creativity will be restricted a bit, so more of an energy of executing a creative project 🆚 Creating from zero.

Bargain, bargains, bargains!!! Saturn likes to save and get a bang for his bucks! Venus just loves to shop! Shopping for esthetic products, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, or anything beautiful can be found at a bargain price during Venus trine Saturn transit . #EyeForBargains

Good supportive aspect for career and business —- think 🤔 outside the box with creativity. Online business is especially good for this aspect. Business moves, investments, and stocks, are supported and can be favorable—so long as they are smart and very low risk.


“Love is my Vibe.”

Crystal Stone

Rose Quartz and Malachite

Venus trine Saturn 🪐— well that’s a good aspect. A few months ago Venus was squaring Saturn.

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