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AstroBusiness 101

The Business Horoscope

Astrology is not just for personal horoscopes. There’s a lots of uses for astrology and one of my favorite uses is business astrology. When I was learning the astrology of business — I was blown away! I’d love 💗 to share the basics with you!

I’m going to teach you business astrology. Thousands of success business owners use business astrologers to run every aspect of their business. You can use astrology to design, advertise, network, and hire employees that help your business thrive. Unlock the magic of astrology to improve your business.

Did you know that your business has a horoscope? Well, yeah it does.

What is a business horoscope?

Well let me tell you..

Getting to know your business horoscope definitely has it’s perks. In business astrology, the astrologer analyzes the business horoscope and develops a plan to maximize strategies for advertising, sales, marketing, partnerships, and anything business. A business horoscope will tell you everything about your business that you NEED to know? The business horoscope will tell you the best people to hire for your business, how to develop a business budget, best people to develop partnerships, operational routines, best advertising strategy, and when to release products to the public.

Let me introduce you to your PLANETARY STAFF. So let’s get to know where each planetary energy shine‘s the best! This staff has been working for FREE since day one ☝🏻, when you established your business. Chances are you didn’t know that these planets have been working long hours for you — round the clock ⏰ 🐝. Their are perks here!! The BEST news is that they work for FREE! This staff is on the clock 24/7 — working hard for the money 🎶. They provide optimal opportunities to foster the ownership of a successful thriving business. Check out the planetary job descriptions.

Meet The Planetary Staff & Job Titles

Similar to a natal horoscope, each planet has a role and an area they rule over and influence. The Sun ☀️ is your vitality and shine, the Moon 🌙 is our emotions, mercury 🎤 is our communication and expression, Venus 💰how we connect to others, Mars 🤺is the strategy the business used to achieve and conquer. The planets are like actors on a stage that represent inner personalities inside of us and they have their own drives and needs. In a business horoscope, the planets act very similarly to a Natal horoscope. The key in a business reading is to apply the meaning chart to fit a business rather than an individual.

Let me welcome you to your planetary staff!

The Brand The Ascendant- This is the brand. The ASC is the first impression your brand makes in the public. The ascendant in business astrology is the branded package and what attracts the clientele to the business front or online website. It’s the logo of the business, the store sign, or slogan.

The Big Boss (owner)

The Sun ☀️ – This is the big boss. The Sun is the approving signature to all business moves. The Sun in the business chart represents the owner. If you are the owner, then the zodiac sign and placement of the sun in the business horoscope chart will tell you where you shine. The sun regulates and gives direction to the rest of the planetary staff.

Public Relations

The Moon 🌙 – All companies provide a product or a service, if not, they wouldn’t be in business. The goods and services that a business offers to the public makes your business thrive. The Moon in business represents how the general public feels about your business. The products you develop should target the sign and house the moon is located in the business chart. This the area where you can show your connections to your clients and how your products or services improve their life.

Networking and Communications

Mercury 🎤 – The Head of the Department of Networking and Delivery. In business, Mercury is our communication and networking style and how we deliver services. Mercury shares information with all of the other departments as well as delivering reports to the CEO in order to effectively run the business, and delivering the service or product once a sale is made 📦. Mercury manages the message of the company to the general public and the delivery of your products. The sales and networking strategy is established by the zodiac sign and house that Mercury is located. #AstrologyService

Finance and Negotiations

Venus 💰 —In the business horoscope represents finance and contracting. Venus handles the finances that the business is earning and spending. Venus also likes negotiate partnerships and establish relationships. The zodiac sign and house where Venus is located in the business horoscope is the area where you attract money and have great negotiation skills. Venus dignity and her aspects to the chart is the key to being a #moneymagnet.

Business Strategy

Mars 🤺— In the business horoscope is in charge of the logistics. Mars stays ahead of the game and keep an eye on the competition and the marketplace. Mars is how we are going to exercise the sales strategy. Mars communicates with the Sun, shows up in the world, and gets the job done. Mars loves to work hard for your business and racks in the money. Mars is super competitive and loves to win! #AstrologyBusinessStrategy

Marketing Department

Jupiter 🍀 –Jupiter is the planet that gives inspiration and marketing. The marketing plans of the company will be influenced by the zodiac sign and house Jupiter is placed in the business horoscope. Jupiter is how we entice our clientele. Jupiter is the man with the vision – but he lets all the wonderful planetary court put in the work. Jupiter knows exactly what to sell, how to speak your clients’ language, and inspires the marketplace to buy your products or services. Jupiter placement in the chart is the area on how we can expand our business and attract abundance. #MoneyMagnet

Human Resources

Saturn 🪐 – In business astrology is the human resources department. Saturn runs the ethics, controls the staff, and no one liked it. Every thriving business has to have human resources department (HR) and not everyone likes HR. Saturn has no problem running this department as he loves rules, structure, and regulations. Saturn is great at tempering Jupiters’ vision and loves to ground. Saturn is the backbone of the business and loves to put things in order. Saturn is ambitious and sets business goals that are tangible and grounded. Saturn’s sign and house is were we can set our ethics and business vision. #AstrologyManagement

Innovation and Technology

Uranus ⚡️ – Uranus is our business genius. Uranus rules the area where you can be shockingly creative. He is the ideas guy. He is the man in charge of spicing things up when business is too stale. He thrives with change and dislikes stagnation. If things get too stale and enough changes are made, Uranus does not have a problem to pull the rug out from underneath your feet. The zodiac sign and house Uranus is located in the business chart is where we can be innovative, creative, and even shocking. Uranus brings spunk and value. Uranus runs the Information Technology Dept. so any contacts with mercury or Jupiter is great for networking and online businesses. #AstroGenius

Creativity and Graphics

Neptune 🎨 – Neptune in business astrology is the creative graphic designer. Neptune is in charge of packaging and design. Neptune communicates with images and photography and it’s the first point of purchase when advertising your products. The zodiac sign and house Neptune is located is where you can express you creative advertising. A picture speaks a thousand words. Neptune likes to create feelings of comfort and inspire its clientele. Neptune is not necessarily concerned with the truth, can cause illusions, and loves to communicate in dreams and inspiration. Neptune is in charge of your branding and new product packaging that entices your clientele.

Power and Force

Pluto 💥- Pluto runs the inner deep workings of the business chart. Pluto is where we may have to dig deep to transform and regenerate. Pluto does work behind the scenes. Pluto’s house placement and aspects are how Pluto provides either assistance or causes some troubles. Pluto does the dirty work but he really packs a punch. In order for companies to survive they must continue to grow, thrive, change, and adapt to the marketplace. Pluto is in touch with the higher powers at be. He loves power moves for business growth. Pluto can amplify either good or bad so let’s use his magnetism of persuasion for good. parts of the business if it is for the businesses greater good. Pluto is intense energy and when he demands attention – give it to him!

That's the end of my AstroBusiness 101 crash class! Stay tune for the rest of the course.

Get a free business chart on my website. Just enter the date and time when you established your business, as you would your own birthday. Don’t know when the birth of your business occurred? I use the date that you registered our business. Also, if you didn’t take note on what time during the day your registered you can use a noon chart. However, nowadays we take pictures or check in on social media about memorable milestones such as the start of your very own business.

Next AstroBusiness posts, I will discuss the meanings of the houses and business correlation.

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