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Astrology and Talisman🧿 and Amulet Magic

Astrological talismans and amulets are an ancient way of capturing the cosmic power of the sky. The practice of capturing the cosmic energy of the sky was a luxury that not all could afford. You’d need to know enough astrology, consult with an astrologer, and have the money to pay for the talisman. This was a practice that was only used by the elite and royals.

What does talisman mean, anyway?

The definition of talisman 🧿 is an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck 🍀.

How are talismans created? Talismans were prepared by Alchemist Astrologers whom studied divination. Talismans were prepared during auspicious times with a specific purpose. There are talismans for love ❤️, career 🧳, luck 🍀, protection 🧿, children 👶🏻, marriage, and abundance. The cosmic timing is a key factor when making the talisman and also electing its’ purpose. Timing is the key to making astrological talismans and amulets. This is known as electional astrology. This technique is what differentiates a regular piece of zodiac sign pendant to a magically charted zodiac pendant.

The concept of Talismans has it’s roots in ancient metaphysical and cosmological world views. The Ancients believed that the 'Higher' world influenced the 'lower' world like a mirror, which is the basic premise of astrology and magic. As above, so below.

All Talismans are Not Made Equal.

Talismans and Auspicious Timing

A talisman can be anything, such as statue, jewelry or a plate. There’s more intricate talismans that may also be abstract, as a special event, ceremony, or the founding of a city. The astrological procedure of electing the right time for a Talisman (for a specific purpose) is much the same as the rules of Electional astrology.

Electional Astrology is an ancient method used for finding auspicious times for different ventures and projects. This can be from a huge project to a small project and for any occasion from finding the best time to apply for a job, appoint a leader, launch a business, start a campaign, publishing a book, or get married. The possibilities are endless.

Personalized House Based Wealth Talismans Astrology talismans prepared in limited numbers when created due to the time sensitive window and time available for creating the talisman. Typical windows are an average 30-60 minutes. Often there will only be 1 or 2 suitable time windows available in an entire year, or an appropriate election not be available for years to come. This makes the talisman even more special as its uniquely crafted.

How to Find the Right Talisman or Amulet Astrologically prepared talismans harness the energy of the zodiac sign, decan, planet, fixed star, Lunar Mansion, helliacal face, and zodiac house that’s is being activated by the astrological cosmic alignment of the elected date.

For example, Venus is the natural ruler of love, pleasure and money, while the 3rd Lunar Mansion provides, "all good things", the fixed star Antares provides spiritual protection and a house based talisman with the 2nd and 10th house provides wealth and success.

How to Pick a talisman? There are two main methods I use to choose a talisman. We want to start with "What goal do you want to achieve?". Say it's love, we'd look into a talisman that will assist with that goal. The key is to know your natal chart and see the condition of your planets.

Example: “I want to find true love 💗.”

Venus is the natural ruler of love and her talismans provide this effect. We then have to look at our natal chart and see if Venus is afflicted. If Venus is not afflicted, then she is not the root of the problem, and a Vens Talisman wont help her strength.

The second method is to look at the planetary strength in our natal chart . We have to consider what they rule, how they aspect and interact, and how supporting them with a talisman will increase their effect.

For example, if Mars, Sun and the Moon are strong in our chart, we look and see that Mars provides willpower and drive, Sun provides Vitality and Career Support and the Moon, security and property. The desired achievement is to have a better Career in order to purchase a home. The focus will be on making a talisman for the Sun and once desired career is achieved, a talisman for the Moon for a property.

There are talismans for all aspects of your natal chart. The most popular astrological talismans are the talismans of the planets. The ancient rulers are the most commonly used for talismans. However, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto can also be used if they need support in the chart. Here are the basic positive natural effects of the planets: Sun talisman - fame, job promotion, respect, authority, general health

Moon talisman - security, family, safety, health, wealth Venus talisman - love, easy flow of money, romance, friendship, arts Mercury talisman - Confident Speaker, Memory, Communications, Business, Technology, Merchandising Mars talisman- Willpower, Courage, Determination, Energy, Command, Strength, Body Building

Jupiter talisman - Wealth, Good fortune, Wisdom, Teaching, Justice, Philosophy

Saturn talisman - Longevity, Success, Discipline, Astrology, Magic, Occult wisdom

Uranus talisman - Technologies, Humanistic Causes, Advancement

Neptune talisman - Spirituality, Arts, Photography, Compassion, Love

Pluto talisman - Power, Leadership, Wealth, Occult

Amulets 🧿, Talismans, and Your Birth Chart

The planetary talismans are not the only type of talismans there are. There are many other types of astrological talismans including fixed stars, lunar mansions, decan, face and house based talismans. If you are seriously interested in getting an Astrology talisman just contact me and set up a free 10 min consultation, all I need is your date of birth, place birth, and time of birth.

Before you purchase an astrological talisman, you should get the elected date for the talisman and how it interacts with your birth chart. All my talismans come with an astrological chart. If you purchase a talisman 🧿 from any other astrologer who claims to create customs astrological talismans and they can not provide this information, it's not an astrological talisman.

All Planetary talismans will give the natural effect of what they rule and what they rule in your personal natal chart. For example, Saturn is the planet of longevity and occult wisdom. He may be the ruler of your 2nd house, but this will not make a Saturn a planet to activate your 2 house of money nor a talisman for money.

CodaQueen Astrological Talismans

The Talismans created in this site are truly unique, authentically made using ancient methods, and affordable. They are prepared using electional astrology and combining your personal natal chart to assist in your manifestation. Talisman astrology was only accessible for the elite and wealthy. Astrology is now accessible to the world. We believe that anyone can achieve their dreams. So we dare you to find.... What's in your stars!


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