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July Astrological Forecast

The month of July starts up speedy, erratic, and restless due to the stressful T-Square with Mars, Saturn, and Uranus . Most of us will be bystanders and not experience this energy directly but you maybe surrounded by those whom are definitely feeling the energy play out in their lives. On July 1st, Mars and Saturn perfect a challenging fixed opposition aspect. Mars opposite Saturn transit brings frustration, disappointment, and anger. Anger is difficult to express therefore requires self discipline. This energy will sway from action oriented to constructively critical. You are training for a marathon, not sprinting, so take your time. Controlled release of energy is best. Schedule daily exercises, take long walks, swim, or jogs. Using muscle building workouts 🏋🏻‍♀️ is best. The more we use this energy for building muscle the better possibilities there will be to avoid conflict . Staying active is key 🔑.

On July 3rd, Mars squares Uranus making a separating Mars Saturn opposition will be quite erratic. When Uranus is involved in stressful aspects, it can be quite unpredictable. Mars Uranus energy is the anarchist rebel with a cause. Uranus likes to leave an imprint in everything he touches by shaking things up and Mars is another energy that likes to rebel. During the first week of July be careful with heavy machinery, operation of vehicles, and with fireworks as these two planets can cause lots of accidents. Expect the unexpected while working towards grounding.

The New Moon 🌚 occurs in the sign of Cancer ♋️, prompting a new beginning after a challenging start to the month. Cancer ♋️ new moons are all about nurturing the heart ❤️. Take care of yourself and nurture your inner desires. Intentionally, make time to rest and retreat, while tending to matters of the heart and home, your inner foundation, and your security needs. It's beneficial to pay mind to your sense of belonging and security and the role that your family and circle of friends play in alignment with your value system. The tenacious crab is great at cutting loose ends in order to start anew. This New Moon is also participating in a wide opposition aspect with Pluto, which harmonizes with a Neptune trine aspect. Venus is applying to a conjunction to Mars in creative Leo, which impacts our love life and affects money matters. Mercury also clears post-retrograde shadow two days before new moon really inviting new beginnings around communication, neighborhoods, and commerce. The best way to enjoy this day is by connecting with water or make some Cancer ♋️ season moon water 💧.

This new moon in Cancer is great to set intentions around your deepest desires and creative endeavors. On July 22, the Sun ☀️ enters its rulership sign of Leo ♌️ along with Mercury, keeping us busy for the rest of the month.


🤺Mars Square Saturn 12° (July 1)

🪐Mars Square Uranus 12° (July 3)⁠

🤔Mercury Square Neptune (July 6)

🌑 New Moon Cancer (July 9)⁠

🥳Mercury in Cancer (July 11)⁠

❤️ Venus ingress Virgo (July 21)⁠

☀️ Sun enters Leo 🦁 (July 22) ⁠

🌕 Full Moon Aquarius (July 23)⁠

😴 Mercury ingress Leo (July 27)⁠

🍀 Jupiter ingress Aquarius (July 28)⁠

😜Mars ingress Virgo (July 29)

🪐Aspect of the Month

The best day of the month will be July 8th 11:00 a.m. PST. The Sun in Cancer ♋️ and Moon in Cancer with Virgo rising. Mercury in Gemini is no longer in retrograde and having cleared post shadow, which is supportive of all types of commerce, written communication, A balsamic Moon in Cancer is making a supportive trine to Jupiter which is an indicator of finishing up previous projects that needed revision due to Mercury retrograde. Mercury is still making a confusing square to Neptune so don't forget to double check your work.

Check out my FREE birth chart calculator and grab a copy of your natal chart to see how you can use this electional chart. Look at your Cancer and Aquarius Houses 🏘 in your natal chart to see how this election works with your chart. Need a professional astrologer to interpret your chart, check out my services. I host Ask the Astrologer on Wednesdays on IG and also host rooms on Clubhouse — see you there!

Fun in the Sun is the motto this month, with the mix of challenging along with positive aspects, keeping busy and listening to our hearts desires will go a long way. Utilize this months energy with purpose.

Check out this handy monthly aspects graph. Use it to plan out your day, schedule appointment around the aspect, or make an abs R&R day.

Take note on all the dates that have

more than two aspects like July 3rd and July 8th, which can indicate a really busy time or challenging energy.

Make it a summer to remember!

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