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June Astrological Forecast Guide 📖

Half way through the year and all I can say is June is the month you get to slow down and fine tune everything in your life. Get ready for another BIG month of well deserved shifts. This is by no means a stagnant month. June transits bring gifts. The energy is really about slowing down to get clear about your current path, what road to take, what to leave behind, and open yourself up to trusting in Spirit to help guide you. ⁠ ⁠

This month, you‘re going to take time to rethink what is possible and create a new belief system that allows you to bridge between what you want and what you love. ⁠ ⁠The Sun ☀️ enters the zodiac sign of Cancer ♋️ which welcomes the Summer Solstice, great time to spend time with family, nurturing yourself, and doing what you love.


😜Mercury Retrograde in Gemini ♊️ 24° (through June 22)⁠

❤️ Venus enters Cancer ♋️ (June 2)⁠

🌑 New Moon Solar Eclipse Gemini ♊️ 19° (June 10)⁠

🦁Mars enters Leo ♌️ (June 11)⁠

🪐Saturn Rx and Uranus exact square off for the second time (June 14)⁠

☀️ Sun enters Cancer ♋️ and Solstice (June 20) ⁠

🍀 Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces 2° ♓️ (June 20)⁠

🥳 Mercury Direct in Gemini 16° ♊️

🌕 Full Moon Capricorn ♑️ 3° (June 24)⁠

😴 Neptune Retrograde in Pisces ♓️ 23° (June 25)⁠

🦁 Venus enters Leo ♌️ (June 26)⁠

🪐Aspect of the Month

Saturn square Uranus transit is the highlight of the month. This aspect is the signature energy of 2021. These two in aspect bring restrictive change. The changes may not be welcomed, but changes there will be. For this reason, it’s much harder to make elected changes, thus being very frustrating. Adapting a mindset that is flexible and mutable is best for this type of energy. Stay open-minded, patient and flexible. What May appear as unwanted challenges, can turn out to be opportunities to rid yourself of negative, restrictive, and limitations in your life.

To check out what area of life Saturn and Uranus are currently restructuring head to my FREE birth chart calculator and grab a copy of your natal chart. Look at your Aquarius and Taurus Houses 🏘 in your natal chart to find transiting Saturn in ♒️ and Uranus in ♉️. Need a professional astrologer to interpret your chart, check out my services. I host Ask the Astrologer on Wednesdays on IG and also host rooms on Clubhouse — see you there!

June is in bloom and the gift 💝 of this month brings clarity and direction towards pivotal developments in our lives. Times are changing! Enjoy every minute of it and embrace the journey.

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