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Jupiter Return

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

The Great Benefic Returns

So you want to know what's the big deal with the Jupiter Return. Astrology is such a fascinating science. From the great philosophers to the modern day clinicians that practice and believe in astrology, they always pay a tribute to the Jupiter return and his cycle. The Jupiter return is one of my favorite topics along with the other planetary returns. Let's get to it --->

What does Jupiter represent in our chart?

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, luck, and joy. His nickname is "the great benefic" amongst the planetary roll call. Jupiter in your natal chart, wherever he is placed in your horoscope, amplifies and blesses that area of life. The degree, house, sign, and the aspects your natal Jupiter makes in your horoscope is the way Jupiter amplifies your abundance. The natal planets, points and individual placements, determines how Jupiter will express his luck barring gifts in your life.

What does Jupiter return mean and why it’s important?

Jupiter return is a BIG deal! It depicts a time in life where we are growing positively and more abundantly. The study of astrology emphasizes the importance of planetary returns to the same degree as the individuals horoscope. Most commonly known planetary return is the Solar Return, your bday 🥳 ! When a planet returns to the exact degree, as per Jupiter in your individual birth chart, marks the end and beginning of a new Jupiter cycle. Jupiter travels (transits) through the zodiac signs and spends approximately one year in each sign, thus taking him 12 years to travel from the first zodiac sign of Aries ♈️ through the last zodiac sign of Pisces ♓️ . The completion of a cycle is a big deal as it marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. Wow!! When Jupiter returns to that degree his energy is revamped and he essentially has a birthday.

What does Jupiter return bring?

Well let me tell you.... Jupiter returns happen every 12 years. That means at age of 12, age of 24, age of 36, age of 48, age of 60, age of 72, age of 84, age of 96, and age of 108. If we are lucky to live 108 years, you will have 9 cycles of Jupiter. What a interesting 🧐 number, 108 (mala beads) and the number 9 in numerology (endings and beginnings), which is a whole other conversation.

Jupiter bares gift of growth. In the literal sense he can bare money, travel, knowledge, spiritual expansion, higher values and beliefs, self realization, and freedom. When Jupiter returns to the birth degree as per your personal horoscope, he really throws a PARTY 🎉! Sometimes we can not recognize what he is gifting us, but when we reflect back... WOW! What a year!

The BIG day is here. What then?

It's recommended that during the year Jupiter enters your birth placement zodiac sign, you celebrate the entire year, make manifestation wishes.(Example, you have Jupiter in Capricorn, Jupiter is currently transiting the sign of Capricorn = #JupiterReturn). It’s especially important to celebrate 🎉 the day he activates your natal Juputer. Plant your seeds of abundance. On the very special day he joins the degree he was placed per your natal chart, you need to go out with a bang! This can be an adventurous trip, enrolling in a higher education course, doing something fun, setting intentions for gains, relaxing spa day, or hanging out with the people you love. This day is a manifesting your dreams day. #JupiterManifesting

How to prepare for the big day!

  1. Get your natal chart. Don't have one? FREE Birth Chart Calculator

  2. Whats your age? Are any of the 12 year cycles around the corner....

  3. What sign, house, and degree is your Natal Jupiter.

  4. Determine the exact day Jupiter is on the same degree as your natal chart. Mark your calendar 🗓.

  5. The BIG Day is here 🥳 . Make it special. Think what would Jupiter do? Spend the day having fun!


There is more to the Jupiter cycles. Jupiter is a manifesting magnet. The #JupiterReturn is just one of the many opportunities we have to #MakeMagicHappen.

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