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Natal Moon Phase and How this phase influences your personality.

The Natal Moon Phase in astrology is something that is typically overlooked. However, this should be a must in natal chart interpretation. The Sun ☀️ in astrology represents the father, our masculine energy, and souls purpose. While the Moon 🌙 in astrology represents the feminine energy, our mother, emotions, intelligence and how we nurture.

The relationship between the Sun ☀️ and Moon 🌙 will tell you a lot about your parents or the parental figures in your life. The Sun and Moon phase are also correlated to the psychological human behavior and the archetypal persona.

🌑NEW MOON NATAL PHASE 0° – 45° (New Beginnings)

In this phase, the Sun ☀️ and Moon 🌙 are forming a conjunction and the phase ends with a semi square minor aspect.

You were born to seek your true life purpose. The

lesson is to learn about your true identity, find who you are, and let the world know it. You may feel that you need to make your mark in this lifetime. Magnetic and shining with personality, many actors and actresses are New Moon people working to project themselves into the spotlight as a career, having the ability to act on impulse and meeting the challenge of the moment. The moon values people whom can care for them. Friends and family are caretakers until they develop the confidence in their ability to provide for themselves.

Keywords: Spontaneous, Adventurous, Impulsive, Living Life on the Edge, Innocent, Naïve, Crave Security, and Require Freedom.

Mantra: I transform, I envision, I imagine

🌒CRESCENT NATAL PHASE, 45° – 90° (Setting Intentions)

Sun ☀️ and Moon 🌙 form a Semi Square, Sextile to Square aspect

in this moon phase, your greatest challenge is to become independent of old belief systems and concepts that are part of the past. This moon phase has a lot of vision and lots of manifesting power. Lesson in life is to find their calling and become and expert. The people around them can provide some grounding when their head is in the clouds.

Keywords: Creative, Outgoing, Loyal, Big Dreamers, Dabblers, Jack of all Trades, Culture Vultures, Forever learning New Skills.

Mantra: I pursue, I align, I create

🌓FIRST QUARTER NATAL PHASE 90° – 135° (Action)

In this phase, the Sun ☀️ and Moon 🌙 are forming a square and the phase ends with a minor aspect, inconjunct.

People born under this lunar phase tend to be change makers. They have a solid grip on the old way of doing things and seek to improve the structures and methods or simply reconfigure it altogether. Intellect and intuition are equally important to First Quarter types.

Keywords: Intellectuals, intuitive, intense, think before they act, operate under pressure, crisis solvers, plan the near future, need help with budgeting, romantic, and seek true friends.

Mantra: I solve, I Perdue, I in vigor

🌔GIBBOUS NATAL PHASE 135° – 180° (Refine)

In this phase, the Sun ☀️ and Moon 🌙 are forming a minor aspect inconjunct to a major aspect opposition.

Pacing self and patience is required. People born under this lunar phase are driven by passion and purpose with an upbeat temperament. They want to create something meaningful that will facilitate life and have an impact in the world; something that helps other humans see the light or understand a universal truth.

Keyword: To the point, long haulers, from rags to riches, fast learners, DYI type of person, unorthodox, hard workers, helpers, detail oriented, eye to improve, and optimistic.

Mantra: I perfect, I improve, I focus

🌕FULL MOON NATAL PHASE 180° – 225° (Harvest)

In this phase, the Sun ☀️ and Moon 🌙 are forming an Opposition and last aspect is an Inconjunct

Lesson let go of the need to succeed. People born under this lunar phase are natural providers who know how to live life to the fullest. Confident in their ability to manifest and succeed. They may live a charmed life. They may even have a parental vibe about them as they are abundant and love to share. Spiritual due to crisis or failures in life, nervous and anxious, need to cultivate emotional intelligence and get a hold of their moods and emotions.

Keywords: Cool, collected, calm under pressure, suited for positions of leadership, seekers of drama in romance, live for the thrills, busy, and ambitious.

Mantra: I partner, I Collaborate, I Fulfill

🌖DISSEMINATING NATAL PHASE, 225° – 270° (Grateful)

In this phase, the Sun ☀️ and Moon 🌙 are inconjunct and last aspect is a Square.

People born under this lunar phase have an old soul quality about them. They march to the beat of their own drums, seemingly unaffected by the “stupid human tricks” going on around them. They tend to be cautious in their actions and a tad bit mistrusting.

Keywords: Tastemakers, thought leaders, thinking, outside the box is their natural expression, require alone time, lots of friends, idea driven, attractors of people, innovators, inventors and intuitive.

Mantra: I explore, I share, I mentor

🌗LAST QUARTER NATAL PHASE 270° – 315° (Release)

In this phase, the Sun ☀️ and Moon 🌙 are Square and last aspect is a sextile.

People born under this lunar phase are renegades at heart. Their independence and individuality is paramount to their happiness. They enjoy stirring the pot — shock value is their secret weapon and they’ll keep the world guessing. They require lots of rest and tend to be suspicious of others intentions. Once you know them their mysterious side is discovered.

Keywords: Lovers of alone time, working on the self, self sufficient, in tune with inner guidance, not fond of responsibility, dependence feels burdensome, artistic in all forms, may not be noticed until later in life And mysterious.

Mantra: I meditate, I serve, I question

🌘BALSAMIC NATAL PHASE, 315° – 360° (Surrender)

In this phase, the Sun ☀️ and Moon 🌙 are Semi square and aspect is a conjunction.

People born under this lunar phase are a bit otherworldly. They have a karmic agenda and are old souls. Their souls are a tad weary as if they’ve been through this all before and wonder, “What the heck am I doing back here again, anyway?” They seem to find hidden meaning in people’s actions and behaviors.

Keywords: Spiritually inclined, but of a loner, require connecting with other, enjoy life’s pleasures, great therapists, shamans, healers, listeners, intuitive, more pessimistic and careful.

Mantra: I reflect, I shed, I let go

What’s your moon phase? If you don’t know, check out my FREE birth chart calculator.

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