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Pallas Athena

Updated: May 9, 2020

“The Daughter of Jupiter.”

Pallas Athena’s Mythology

Pallas Athena was the daughter of Jupiter and Metis the goddess of prudence, wisdom, and magical cunning. An oracle reveled that Metis will bare Jupiter two children a woman and a man, the male child will dethrone him. Just has he had dethroned his father Saturn. Jupiter shortly discovered his lovely wife Metis was with child. Jupiter wanting to change the oracles prediction set up a plan to get rid of Metis. Jupiter cunningly tricked his first wife Metis while pregnant to turn into different forms since she was so cunning. Metis was up to the challenge and she morphed herself to a lion, then a child boar, flame, and a fly. He asked her to make herself into something even smaller and she did, she turned herself in to a drop of water. Jupiter then seized the opportunity and swallowed Metis in her water form. However, you don't just swallow the goddess of cunning without consequences. Jupiter started feeling a pounding headache which lead to having his son Vulcan splitting his head open with an axe. Pallas Athena jumped out of his head with a load yelp, adult woman fully dressed in armor. Her mother Metis was creating Pallas Armor which was causing his pounding headache.

Jupiter’s favorite child is the very own Pallas Athena.

Pallas conquered the heart of her father Jupiter and she became his favorite child out all the many Gods, Goddesses, and Demi gods he bore. The irony of her mythology is that Athena is the favorite child of Jupiter; a "Daddy's Girl" archetype whom needs to please her father by being a good girl. Persons' with a strong Athena in their natal chart are confident, strong, and strategic. Women in general are seen as a "Strong woman in a man's world." when Athena is place strongly in their natal chart. Men on the other hand, if Athena is strong in their natal chart, are attracted to strong women who are leaders and go getters. They want the ultimate package the beautiful maiden, great cook, and wealthy working woman. Pallas was also born out of Jupiter's head and not out of a womb. Also, emphasizing that Pallas is very connected to the masculine side, the yang energy. This could be due to her mother Metis being a scorn woman and taking revenge on men by birthing a child that is head strong, cunning, and strategic but also displaying the natural woman beauty; both the feminine and masculine qualities in one. The Goddess of Cunning, Metis also creating a child that Jupiter would have no choice but to love and cherish dearly as she was no ordinary woman.

Pallas qualities were of prudence, cunning, and craftsmanship like her mother Metis fair, balanced, and logical like her father Jupiter. Pallas Athena was highly intelligent and tactful in battle, with incredible reasoning and logic. She is the known as the “Goddess of Wisdom “amongst the Gods and Goddesses. "Knowledge is power," is Pallas Athena's mantra. She was respected by the Gods thus being a "Strong Goddess in a Gods' world." Her qualities are of arts, counsel, and tact. She was seen as a strategist and a tactician and preferred to resolve disputes through wisdom rather than without strategy. She is also known as the "Goddess of War." Unlike her brother Mars, whom is found of gore and violence; Athena is strategic and considerate in diplomacy thus, she analysis the big picture by finding the best and more beneficial strategy for the situation. She favors peace but is no stranger to war. She was able to make her decisions with logic, detachment and impartiality. She helped many heroes in their endeavors. She particularly relates to strategies of war, healing, arts and crafts. She is known as grey eyed; merging the white yin energy and the black yang thus grey eyed.

Pallas Astrology

Astrologically, asteroid Pallas Athena shows where we have these abilities. To use logic, be objective, and exercise our intellectual skills and creative understanding. Due to her tactfulness, Pallas in our Natal Chart shows the ability to see patterns and to understand complex communications. She understands and picks up the unspoken and subliminal messages as well. Pallas uses her intelligence to see and think outside the box.

Pallas also symbolizes many modern women and their fighting spirit quality. These women are often beautiful, intelligent, independent and career-oriented woman born in a world dominated by men. As Pallas was born in an era that was dominated by Gods. She was the Goddess that could stand up to the wits of the Gods and hold her own This area where Athena is in your chart taps into her archetype and qualities. The energy that Athena favors in astrology are the signs of Aquarius, Leo and Libra. If your think of the qualities of those signs, you will see that sign of Leo, the king, the sign of Aquarius, the public, and the s

sign of Libra, diplomacy is where Pallas uses her abilities the best. Pallas brings the strength of feminine wisdom to the sign and house she is placed in your natal chart.

The Glyph meaning of Pallas Athena in Astrology

Pallas Athena's glyph is a diamond shaped square with a cross as its base. The shape of a diamond is an equal sided square and on the bottom corner/ point of the diamond is a cross. The cross is balancing the squared diamond. Similar to the sign of Venus the Goddess of Love. Venus is a circle instead of a diamond square. The main difference you see in Pallas Athena's glyph is that the diamond square represents her logic. This is reflected by complexity of the points in the diamond. Staring from one point then thriving to the next, and so on until ending up at the balanced base. The highest points symbology represents high achievement. The square also symbolizes her armor and helmet as protection. The glyph is completely harmonious as it symbolizes that the road to each point of achievement is well thought out and tactical. The base of a cross represents the balance or equilibrium of her qualities as well. Look for this glyph in your natal chart. Welcome to the archetype of Pallas Athena.

In conclusion, here are the key phrases about the Archetype of Pallas Athena:

  • Goddess of Wisdom and Intellect

  • Goddess of War and Victory

  • Goddess of Craftsmanship

  • Goddess of Justice and Cunning

  • Goddess of the Arts

  • Goddess of health and healing

  • Goddess of Feminine and Masculine integration

  • Gift of Prophecy

  • Strategic Warrior

  • Depicted by an owl (symbol of wisdom)

  • Depicted with armor and shield

  • Directed with an Owl and snakes due to the symbolism of wisdom and prophecy

  • Jupiter’s favorite child. "Daddy's Girl"

  • "Strong woman in a mans world". Had to hide her intelligence.

  • Wise counselor and advisor (Astrologer trait)

  • Exceptional manual dexterity as patroness of weaving

  • Had the ability to perceive whole patterns

  • Strategic thinker and planner

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