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Pallas Athena through the Houses

"Strategy is Power"


Pallas Athena in the first house has a strategy to life. Developed plan for the elder years and longevity. The way you behave is part of a larger story. Your physical presence resonates to other an has a powerful aura. Others can't help but notice the way you execute plans and how your mind works. They can't help but notice your rational mind. Others notice how the masculine way of thinking and feminine sensuality of your style are expressed . You appear to learn the lessons of life and apply these patterns on how you deal with whatever life throws at you.

PALLAS ATHENE IN THE 2ND HOUSE Money moves! Pallas in the second house has a financial strategy. You are develop a militant approach to acquire money. This strategy meets your security and survival needs. You have a gift of understanding  how personal values impact the world at large; a financial humanitarian. Your intellect is focused on soling issues of money and possession. You have a holistic humanitarian approach when it comes to your personal values.This type of person keeps excellent tabs on spending and earning patterns. A comprehensive understanding of economics, finances and possessions is often seen with this placement.

PALLAS ATHENE IN THE 3RD HOUSE The Cunning with Logic Mind!

You are able to pick up on the subtle nuances of communication. Picking up on patterns of thought and conversation and an instinctive level. Knowing the art of communication and networking. These people are excellent salespersons. The have the ability to recognize patterns of communication and will be able to sale anything to anyone. A very strong mind. Able to figure out their siblings is one of the first battles this placement has conquered. An admirable advocate.


You are able to connect well with your family members and have developed a strategic system on the inner working of all those in your household. Able to recognize how members of a family impact each other. Connected deeply to your cultural roots and heritage. Acting as the wise counsel to your family members. Having a parent fierce intellect or who is androgynous. You are very connected with your family and have a unique understanding of what it means to be part of a family. Understanding the parental patterns and their inner workings.


You are able to pick up on artistic patterns. Ability to envision how a creative endeavor will unfold. You are able to understand how romance, creation, and art impact the world at large. You are a child at heart and understand child development. You love sports, playing or watching, and can figure out a game plan for your team! Lots of creative strategies in your toolkit. Love is androgynous as the masculine and feminine energies of the 5H flavor your love interests. You can choose to abstain from love affairs. Life of the Party and have a gift to plan a cool shindig.


The Daily Strategist Wow you have your daily routine all worked out. You love to organize your day and calendar plans. You are very disciplined at work and always ready to show off your skills. You are quite mindful of your health and those around you as well. You enjoy creating a health plan that has a meal plan schedule and workout routines. You enjoy taking care of your body and take a holistic approach in taking care of it. Vitamins and minerals! Yes, Please. You can see how health and diet fit into the big picture of self care. Holistic understanding of working conditions and labor conditions. You are caring towards animals and have strategy on how to take care of them like you take care of yourself.

PALLAS ATHENA IN THE 7TH HOUSE The Partnership Strategist

You have an eye for relationship and partnerships. Making plans for long-term significant relationships. You have an open and direct approach to open enemies. You have hidden wisdom when it comes to being an equal partner in relationships. You are wise counsel to your partner. You have a cutting edge approach when it comes to your significant personal relationships. You are able to notice patterns in relationships. You are open to sexuality and are open minded in relationship. You enjoy equality in relationships. Equally androgynous partners, wise partners, and fair in relationships. You are very connected on an instinctual level to your partner’s patterns.

PALLAS ATHENA IN THE 8TH HOUSE Powers of Transformation

You have a plan when it comes to crisis and the unknown. You have battle plan when it comes to shadow work and the personal unconscious. You have a financial strategy when it comes to your debt. Debt planning. Debt counselor. You are great counsel to other people and your sex partners. You are an trusted advisor. You care able to pick up patterns when it comes to emotional baggage, trauma. or abuse. You understanding patterns when it comes to astrology, esoteric, and the occult. You are able to strategize when it comes to taxes and see patterns. You have a connection to patterns of endings, death, and transformation. You area able to spot patterns of crisis. You are sexually androgynous and have a different approach to deep relationships and sexuality.

PALLAS ATHENA IN THE 9TH HOUSE The Mind of the Scholar

You were born strategizing how to get a university or how to travel abroad. You have a plan when it comes to religion, personal beliefs or metaphysics. You are a world traveler and have a jovial view of foreign countries, their people, customs and belief systems. You have a strong philosophical mind. You carry your self with a philosophical diplomat and can be wise counsel to foreign countries. You are keen to languages and may be multilingual. At bare minimum you may understand foreign languages without speaking them fluent due to the fist of linguistic patterns.

PALLAS ATHENA IN THE 10TH HOUSE The Entrepreneur Strategist

You have a gift for strategy in business affairs. You have a strategic plan when it comes to achieving career status, fame, and recognition. You understand how small actions affect your overall public reputation. You have innate wisdom about your place in society. You have wisdom about authority. You set high goals and one day shot to becoming an authority figure. You are a go-getter and have a strategic plan on how to achieve success. . Understanding your parental patterns.

PALLAS ATHENA IN THE 11TH HOUSE The Humanitarian Strategist

You have a gift on how to see what your role is to humanity as a whole. You are great to shine in a organization that uses networks. You have goals and ideas that have a revolutionary twist and can impact the collective. You are a #GOALGETTER. You see the long turn outcomes on set goals. You are a humanitarian at heart and ready to be in the forefront of social causes. You do great as leader that shines as a group such as clubs, organizations and groups. You have a keen perception and insight into the collective.

PALLAS ATHENA IN THE 12TH HOUSE The Daydreamer Strategist

You have a stragegy when it comes to expressing your deep desires. You enjoy bed pleasures and have a strategic plan on how to please yourself and partner. You have a strategic escape plan to retreat and recharge. You enjoy using whole body exercise to connect with spirituality such as yoga, qigong, tai chi, and meditation. You are a cheerleader for the persons of disadvantage such as disabilities or homeless. You are very connected to spirituality and have a plan on how to tap to the subcounsious mind. You are keen to pick up messages from the unknown. You have a developed patter to analyze the meanings of dreams.

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