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Solar Return Magic 🔮🍀🤟🏻 Manifesting Your BEST Year Ever!

We all celebrate birthdays, ever wonder why that is? It goes back to old pagan tradition, an adopted ritual in which we gladly have continued with 😉. The Pagans would celebrate the return of the sun as a birthday marker. Depending on how many sun revolutions you’ve experienced determined your age. The Solar return is like your birthday but different. In a solar return we look at the day and time the sun returns to the exact degree and minute of your natal chart Sun. It’s a stand alone chart, which provides your a energetic essence of the upcoming year and life themes. The tricky part is that this natal sun and transiting sun conjunction doesn’t always happen on your actual birthday, it can be a day before or after your birthday as well. Only the elite would have an Astrologer cast a solar return chart for them as this knowledge was for the learned. Lucky us, we live in an era in which we can be our own astrologer.

Casting a Solar Return chart is the first step your need to do to being your celebration ritual. You can use free websites such as Once you’ve figured out the day and time of your solar return you need to mark it on your calendar or set a reminder on your phone.The vibrations of this day mark a new cycle, amplify your vitality for new beginnings, and becomes a powerful manifesting state.


  • Day before your birthday make a list of the things, people, situations you will leave behind or end relationships with. Send love and gratitude and acknowledge the lessons learned.

  • Day of your birthday make a list of all the things you’d like to manifest in the next twelve months.

  • The day after your birthday, set in motion the first thing on your list.

I’ve performed activities and rituals on my solar return for over 10 year. From travelling, to attending concerts, throwing parties, or staying home performing clearings and rituals. This is one of my favorite rituals to perform.

Spiritual Tools

  • A yellow, orange, or gold candle

  • Sun crystals like Amber, Citrine, Ruby

  • Herbs of your choice (Rosemary, Bay leafs, cloves, dill, and thyme are what I love to use)

  • Decorations of your choice (Solar deities, sun, a heart, your astrology chart and glyph drawings, etc)

  • Carving tools, glitter, and incense.

  • Pen and Paper

  • White Dish or Cloth

The colored candle represents the Sun energy and will help boost confidence, bring in more success, abundance and joy into your life. The suggested herbs are connected to prosperity, protection, and abundance.

1.With your intention in mind, carve the sun and zodiac sign glyph along with your name on the sides of the candle and seal with a pentagram carving.

2.Sprinkle your herbs of choice and bit of glitter on the candle.

3.Light the incense, sage or palo santo and pass it over the candle saying your intentions.

4. Write down your intention on a piece of paper

5. Light your candle eeciting your intention

6. Place your written intention under your bed once the candle goes out.

Just remember to have fun on your special day. I’m celebrating this years Solar Return with my family, on a local beach, eating sea food, toasting successes, and enjoying life! 🥂 🥳

May all your wishes come true for your !

And so it is….

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Tammy ♥️
Tammy ♥️
19 de mar. de 2022

Happy Solar Return Birthday celebration! Your Bday celebration is just like mine too! 🥰


Jamie L
Jamie L
18 de mar. de 2022

Happy birthday & Solar Return! 🌷


Heyyy birthday girl ❤ this is so fun.. 🥂 enjoy!!!!

17 de mar. de 2022
Respondendo a

Thank you 😊 so much love 💗

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