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The Great Benefic ingress to Pisces ♓️

Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022

Jupiter is coming home!! Jupiter loves to be in the sign of Pisces. He is the ancient ruler of Pisces and now co-rules the sign along with Neptune. Jupiter is able to express it‘s fullest power and expand our higher selves when he is in his home sign. Jupiter will only be in Pisces for a few months then retro back to Aquarius ♒️ to finish off his term. Jupiter in Pisces is a highly spiritual energy and we are likely to feel more tuned in and connected to the spiritual world. Jupiter represents expansion and abundance, and Pisces rules over things like spirituality, religion, and a deeper level of awareness.

Pisces also rules over endings and surrendering to the spirit world. Deep!

Jupiter in Pisces will be providing much support to all the Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn natives. Virgos’ will get a little support but more of an awakening! Lessons for the Collective from Jupiter in Pisces will to come to fruition throughout 2022.

We will see more of these topics in the media:

  • Spiritual or Religious movements

  • New philosophies

  • Growing interest in esoterica, mysticism, the occult, angels, psychic developmen, mediumship, fantasy, and astrology

  • Film, photography, and music industry revamp

  • Make up industry revamp

  • Shoe industry makeover

  • New research in mental health, allergies, and genetics

  • Further research into mild-altering substances or drugs

  • Mainstream marijuana products

  • Changes to the hemp, marijuana, pharmaceutical, entertainment stocks

  • Greater acceptance of spiritual and alternative healing modalities

  • Innovations to marine life and ocean advocacy

  • Abundance mindset

I am an abundance magnet 🧲

Since Pisces is a water sign and Jupiter can bring expansion and abundance, we could also see increased rainfall, flooding, and even the chance of tsunamis. Travel 🧳 safe!

What Jupiter in Pisces Means for You

To understand how Jupiter in Pisces will manifest for you on a personal level, look back to the themes that were prevalent in your life back in 2010 when Jupiter was in Pisces.

The same events won’t necessarily unfold but we do run in cycles so similar themes can come up for you. I remember what I was doing 2010!! 😉

Check your Pisces house in your natal chart, as this house in your chart will be getting a healthy dose of abundant energy.

Planets in Pisces, definitely incorporate that planets energy and houses it rules in your chart for the coming year!!!

Especially if your Pisces Sun or Pisces Rising, having Jupiter in your sign is considered a positive omen 🧿 and a time to really shine. It is a time of expansion and when all your gifts and rewards can come to fruition. 🙌

Jupiter will share the reign of Pisces ♓️ along with Neptune for a few months this year! This could be one of the luckiest transits we have all year!!

Make sure you are setting some intentions on the day Jupiter enter Pisces ♓️. Check out this mundane chart — lucky 🍀 time to launch!

What will you set intentions towards? What Houses does Pisces ♓️ and Sagittarius Rule in My Chart?

Where is my natal Jupiter?

Happy Manifesting!

Jupiter’s Transit through Pisces:

2021 May 13: Jupiter enters Pisces June 20/21: Jupiter enters Retrograde July 28: Jupiter is back in Aquarius October 19: Jupiter turns direct in Aquarius December 29: Jupiter enters Pisces 💥

2022 May 10: Jupiter enters Aries July 27: Jupiter enters retrograde October 28: Jupiter returns to Pisces November 22: Jupiter direct in Pisces December 20: Jupiter leaves Pisces for Aries, not to return again to Pisces until 2033

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