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The Power of the Divine Feminine Black Moon Lilith

The divine feminine archetype of Black Moon Lilith is well-known in the esoteric and occult worlds. In Hebrew folklore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife, before Eve. According to the mythology, God created both a man and woman equally from the dust of the Gaia. They were created in Gods image. As the myth explains that Lilith did not allow Adam to treat her as a subordinate. Adam insisted that Lilith lay beneath him, as she was not equal to a man thus needed to be let controlled when procreating. Lilith refused, defying Adam demands and patriarchal story is told she defied God too. 🤨She was exiled never to return. She was replaced by Eve, whom was made of Adams rib, thus not being his equal. It‘s said that Lilith turned in to a serpent, persuading Eve, to entice Adam with an apple from the tree of life. Lilith convinced Eve to rebel and defy her orders. This caused the exile of both Adam and Eve from the promised land.

Her story is one of individuality and strength that has peaked interest in astrology. Lilith’s mission was to stand by her truth and own her true power. She is the archetypal goddess of rising up when we experience crises, as that’s we can find our strength and alchemize limiting beliefs that are not serving us. Profound growth and transformation can emerge from understanding our shadow selves. True Black Moon Lilith astrology is the this divine feminine archetype.

True Black Moon Lilith is not a planet, but rather the lunar apogee calculation, the farthest point in space on the moon’s elliptical orbit around the Earth.

The Black Moon Lilith archetype is associated with sex, death, obsession, addiction, transformation, resurrection, magic, the occult and the taboo. It is the birth-canal between the spiritual dimension, (or the underworld) and life on the physical plane. Black Moon Lilith is a ‘lady of the night’, the forbidden seductress, and also connected with prostitutes. Lilith is about the power, politics, and psychology of sex. With Lilith, sex is a powerful weapon and that is why certain religions wanted to have total control her.

There are a few Lilith placements, I will talk about Black Moon Apogee. Lilith’s glyph is

represented by a crescent or semi-circle (soul) over a cross (matter). She manifests from matter and manifests into matter.

Black Moon Lilith is not a planet and its not a physical point in space. She is the calculated point that describes the distance between the earth and the moon, the empty focus. The date of the Lunar Apogee (When the Moon is furthest from the earth) will place Black Moon Lilith conjunct the Moon. While the Lunar Perigee (When the Moon is closest to the earth) will place Black Moon Lilith opposite the Moon.

What does your Black Moon Lilith placement say about you?

Harness your personal power through the Black Moon Lilith placement in your birth chart.

Lilith in Aries ♈️ or 1st House

Your naturally independent and free spirited. You can feel stifled or squashed by others around you. This may create negative thought patterns about your leadership skills.

Your Lilith mantra: I am a respected powerful leader.

Lilith in Taurus ♉️ or 2nd House

You either were raised with emphasis on wealth accumulation or a lack of resource. This may have created a insecurities and scheued your abundance mindset. Your self-value is tied to material.

Your Lilith mantra: I am Abundant and Worthy of a Secure Base.

Lilith in Gemini ♊️ or 3rd House

You have an incredible mind full of ideas that are hard to share with others due to fear of not being accepted. This may be due to not being heard or felt ridiculed in the past for speaking your truth.

Your Lilith mantra: I speak my authentic truth and am respected

Lilith in Cancer ♋️ or 4th House

You may not have received nurturing when young. Your inner child is full of love and the need to express your inner desires need a safe outlet. May have attracted people that did not nurture you back.

Your Lilith mantra: I give myself the nurturing and love I need on a daily basis.

Lilith in Leo ♌️ or 5th House

You grow up fast which hindered you creative, playful, and soul. Embrace your creative magic and let your inner child know it’s okay to love and play.

Your Lilith mantra: I shine and create with radiance.

Lilith in Virgo ♍️ or 6th House

You may have been critical or critiqued your loved ones. You could place unrealistic expectations on yourself and others. You are your worst critic and the need be of service to others defines you.

Your Lilith mantra: I love myself and honor all that I am.

Lilith in Libra ♎️ or 7th House

You witnessed unstable relationships attract power struggles in partnerships. The key is honoring your own worth in order to change this pattern in your life and attract an equal partner.

Your Lilith mantra: I harmonize and balalnce my relationships.

Lilith in Scorpio ♏️ or 8th House

The sexuality is powerfully strong, but you may have been ashamed for your sex appeal. This may result in certain challenging events in your life. This can leave you feeling closed off and uninspired when it comes to intimacy.

Your Lilith mantra: I am divinely protected and express my sensuality with ease.

Lilith in Sagittarius ♐️ or 9th House

Your beliefs system is wise and not easy for others to understand. You may champion causes that are not widely accepted. You may have been hindered or forced to accept others beliefs system.

Your Lilith mantra: I faithfully trust the universe has my back and speak my truth.

Lilith in Capricorn ♑️ or 10th House

You may have experienced a push in attaining

social status, power, and prestige or taught to shy away from these roles. You may not have developed your business talents.

Your Lilith mantra: I am a powerful ruler and manifest my reality.

Lilith in Aquarius ♒️ or 11th House

Your over the top unique personality and quirkiness may have not been understood. As a result, you may have hid your eccentric ideas.

Your Lilith mantra: I will make my unique mark on this world.

Lilith in Pisces ♓️ or 12th House

As the sign of undoing and karma, Pisces may not been loved unconditionally. You may have felt responsible for pain that was not yours. The tendency to escape reality and dissolve with the world around can be a gift.

Your Lilith mantra: I channel my subconscious vision and use it to positively create my reality.

How to Find your Lilith Placements:

To find the placements of Lilith in your chart go to > extended chart selections > enter your birth chart data> type in the Lilith letters/number in the section titled “Additional asteroids, fixed stars, and other objects.” Type 1181,h21,h13,h58 under manual entry.

Check out my FREE birth chart calculator to find your Black moon Lilith. What sign is your divine feminine power?

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Jul 03, 2021

What is your Black Moon Lilith power? Comment below 👇🏽 (I personally answer all comments)

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