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The Seven stAGES of Life

Astrology never seizes to amaze me! The seven stages of life correlate to the seven modern planets and their core qualities. Our evolutionary path goes through planetary periods and develops the qualities of such planet during that specific period to provide us with a unique life experience. The human experience and it’s corresponding planetary cycles appoint these planets to rule developmental stages of the human experience to impel action. All the seven planets rule a specific stage in our life. We bond with the moon in our mothers womb as we prepare to enter earth. The conditions of the moon in our natal chart will describe our early experience with the incarnation process and tell more to you about the maternal experience, the nurturing received in the womb waters, and the intuitive connection created to the mother.

According to the early twentieth century philosopher and mystic Rudolf Steiner conceived of a theory of human development based upon seven period cycles, and linked those cycles to astrology.

The planet periods start in this order:

1. Moon ➝ 2. Mercury ➝ 3. Venus ➝ 4. Sun ➝ 5. Mars ➝ 6. Jupiter ➝ 7. Saturn

1) Infancy — the Moon Period, 0 – 7 years old (7 year Period)

The period of birth and infancy. Intuitive, watery and sensitive. The caretakers influence shaping the future persona. The formation of the human psyche and the impressions from the caretakers emotions, love and nurturing. A period of co-regulation to the caretakers moods and the environments atmosphere. Tactile exploration of the immediate surroundings. Learning to move, learning to feel, and development of the bodies fluidity. Relationship to food and water. The beginning of subconscious development of the psyche. We start developing our love language.

Looking at the chart through the lends of your natal moon will provide insight about this period.

2) Discovery — Mercury Period, 7 – 14 years (7 year Period)

At this stage we enter the period of discovery and curiosity. Learning through communication and interaction with others. Exploring the closest neighborhood, meeting siblings, and making friends. The beginning of the systematic process of learning through schooling. The learning to read stage of life. We develop our communication style and sense of humor.

Looking at the chart through the lends of your natal mercury will provide insight about this period.

3) Lover — Venus Period, 14 – 21 years (7 year Period)

Period of beauty and organic blossoming. Puberty and emergence of sexuality. The need to express attraction to others. The need to look attractive. The first crush and the first broken heart. The desire to be in a relationship. Dreams and ideals. Going wild, being at the top of the world. Romeo and Juliet. “The gods are always 16” as the epitome to the idea of the spring that lasts forever. We develop of relationship language and fine tune how we love ourselves and others during this period.

Looking at the chart through the lends of your natal Venus will provide insight about this period.

4) Life Purpose — the Sun Period, 21 – 42 years (21 year period)

The desire to achieve worldly endeavors. Independence, expansion into the world, leaving own mark, making kids and establishing a household. Making mistakes and developing the ego. Becoming a professional, forming own identity. Establishing yourself as a functional entity. Building a career. Expanding your presence. The sense of purpose is developed during this time.

Looking at the chart through the lends of your natal Sun will provide insight about this period.

5) Pursuit of Happiness — Mars Period, 42 – 49 years (7 year period)

Time to acquire and conquer. A time to expand your territory. This period can also bring a change crisis. Mars is extreme and depending on how well placed he is in your chart you can feel like conquering or direction less during this period, which bring midlife crisis. Mars period can make one climb up a career ladder, attain material gains, establish oneself in the world, claim own piece of turf, start a business, become an entrepreneur, or strategize to amass wealth. Direction and action, awakening the inner predator. Our sense of drive and achievement is fine tuned.

Looking at the chart through the lends of your natal Mars will provide insight about this period.

6) The Wise Teacher— Jupiter Period, 49 – 56 years (12 year period)

The soldier promoted to General. A gained position of influence, respect, and respected leader. Wise advisor, moderator and resolver of conflicts, professor, conductor and orchestrator. It’s a position earned through the years of collection of experiences, applied knowledge and professional expertise. The path of experience has unfolded right in front of our eyes and we can share experienced knowledge.

Looking at the chart through the lends of your natal Jupiter will provide insight about this period.

7) Old Age— Saturn Period, 56 and older

The wise old man. Time for reflection and wisdom. The crystallization of experienced and the body. Know-how turned knowledge and deep observation. Summarizing experiences, hard earned real-life philosophy, and/or hard knock life. Stability based on knowing who you are not, and therefore who you are. Peace. The sense of completion stage, the Sage, the guru, not needing to prove anything to anyone stage.

Looking at the chart through the lends of your natal Saturn will provide insight about this period.

ASTROLOGY - SEVEN AGES OF MAN Nineteenth century drawing based on a 15th century blockbuch print, depicting the seven stages of human life. From bottom left, in clockwise order, the child learning to walk, the child (presumably) on the way to school, the young man at pleasure, the young man (with lance) learning the art of war, the mature man at a counting desk, the decrepit man, and the dead body in the grave. Frontispiece to John Timbs, Mysteries of Life, Death, and Futurity, 1880.

All the planetary periods tell us more about the development of our life.

The most important years are the ones in which the planets gain reign. The energy shift will be felt within the last year of the change in each period ruler. Our natal chart will provide more insight on how that period will be expressed during our course of life.

A person with the Sun in the 10th House will see extreme development in regard to career and life purpose during the Sun period. The need to focus in this area of life is very strong. The may desire to reach high ranks in career, public eye positions, or a focus on landing powerful leadership roles. On the other hand a person with the Sun in the 12th may achieve career advancements but on a more subtle expression or in institutions away from the public eye by serving others. This person may gain material stability without making achievements known. In extreme cases, the possibility of needing to retire and retreat in the 12th house may also be an indicator of the person needing to experience life as a patient in an institution, jailed, hospitalized, or a spiritual ashram. This is why not every 10th house sun will be the same for all, the aspects, zodiac sign, decan, and dignity will flavor your path.

If we are fortunate to experience all plantery stages we can achieve liberation. All planets work together in every stage but will assist the agenda of the period ruler to achieve cycles objectives thus that planet in reign has the keys to the kingdom.

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