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Transit - Pallas Athena ingress to Aquarius

“Think with your Inner Genius.”

Pallas Athena entered the sign of Aquarius ♒️ on 12/07/2020 @ 4:11 am PST.

Pallas Athena in Aquarius Transit

Pallas Athena loves the sign of Aquarius and does extremely well in signs' qualities and symbolism. Aquarius is an intellectual, futuristic, and humanitarian sign. This is why Pallas Athena loves to transit Aquarius, her natural strategic strength is heightened as she exercises her greatest qualities, tactfulness and logic. Pallas is quite crafty and creative so she utilizes the strength of the sign of Aquarius to “Craft Logic with Genius” and elevate the divine feminine by tapping in to the masculine energy of Aquarius.

Mundane meaning of Pallas entering Aquarius

Pallas Athena entered Aquarius on 12/07/2020 (see chart). Pallas was located in the 3rd house. The astrological house of communication, community, networking, neighborhoods, salesperson, siblings, and speech. The third house is an air house but in this chart it's ruled by the sign of Capricorn. Pallas is influencing both the 3rd house by placement and the 4th house by zodiac sign (whole house). When she entered the sign of Aquarius, for the second time, she is leading the way for the Saturn Jupiter Conjunction. In April, when she entered the sign of Aquarius she joined Saturn who rules Capricorn and Aquarius. What comes to mind here is that Pallas Athena is strategizing and planning to act. Why? I'll analyze that chart on what Pallas Athena is working towards achieving. Currently, there is a mandatory quarantine in place due to the world wide pandemic of the crown 👑 virus. This is a historical event that has marked the history books! While the quarantine occurred when Pallas was in Capricorn with the Jupiter Pluto conjunction she will be retrograded back to Capricorn for a redo and soon to approach her shadow phase.

Let's analyze Pallas Athena's entry to the sign of Aquarius. Venus in Scorpio was trining Neptune in Pisces thus speaking to us that we are feeling and sensing information from the ethers. The God of Dreams (Neptune) and the Goddess of Love (Venus) are working together.

The Sun in Sagittarius conjunct the Karmic South Node is ruled by Jupiter in Capricorn, which are squaring Neptune in Pisces. This tells us that Jupiterian ruled topics are highly emphasized. Jupiter rules knowledge, wisdom, exploration, and joy. The sign of Capricorn rules authority, responsibility, structure(s), and old paradigms. Jupiter in this chart is being asked to use a practical approach when it comes down to spiritual developments, travel, learning, work, career, and responsibility to family. On a global level Jupiter is using the sign of Capricorn to bring issues that are not ethical, unfair, and unjust in order to correct them. Saturn in Capricorn ruling both Jupiter and Pallas Athena is on the critical anaretic 29 degree of Capricorn. This the degree of anxiety, anguish, and crisis. The Saturn in Capricorn is in his sign of rulership but located in the 3rd house of the communication and Communities. This is telling us that the people and it's country are worries in matters regarding networking, early education, and neighborhood mom and pop businesses.

Pallas Athena has an association with the zodiac signs of Leo, Aquarius, and Libra. In this astrological chart the houses these zodiac signs ruling are the 4H/Aquarius, 10H Leo, and the 12H Libra. This combined energy tells us that the King (government) and the its subjects (people) are experiencing a diplomatic dance of the scales. The people are urging the government to place their needs above external power and greed. The 10th house sextiles the twelfth house and the 4 house trines twelfth house. The government needs to pay mind (10h) to foreign affairs and business as the people (4H) and concerned of the economic status of the country.

All in all this transit looks like they'll be some problematic issues but the gears are actively working to solve the currents problems out. Pallas Athena in Aquarius rules hummanitarism and advocates for justice. The public will use tactic strategies to communicate change to authoritative. If problems are not worked out soon, we will see a lot of activist joining to protest.

Pallas Athena is also making a applying sextile to Chiron in Aries, who just stationed direct. We can be more practical in our approach to solve trauma, deep heart, and offer holistic healing. If you‘ve done the healing work, this is a great transit to follow your path to become a teach your mastered craft. Guru in progress......

Pallas Athena enters Aquarius on a personal level

The astrological house in your Natal Chart that Pallas Athena is currently transiting is where you’ll see these skills play out. During her transit she will make aspects with your Natal planets or you can even have a Pallas Athena Return 🎉 . Very important to take note of those aspects as they are in communication with your charts cosmology.

Do you know where your creative crafty intelligence lays? Where is your Pallas Athena in your Chart? If you don’t know, check out my FREE birth chart calculator.

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