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Valentine’s Day Synastry Ritual: Uniting Hearts Through Composite Cupido

This Valentine’s Day, delve into the cosmic dance of your relationship with a special synastry ritual that centers on the asteroid Cupido in your composite chart. Cupido, symbolizing the forces of love and attraction that brought you together, offers profound insights into the heart of your relationship. This ritual is designed to deepen your connection, celebrate your love, and harness the celestial energy of Cupido to foster harmony and understanding between you and your partner.

Materials Needed:

• Two candles (preferably in shades associated with love, such as pink or red)

• A printed or digital copy of your composite astrological chart with Cupido’s placement highlighted

• A piece of rose quartz (for love energy)

• A comfortable, quiet space where you won’t be disturbed

Ritual Steps:

1. Prepare Your Space: Begin by finding a quiet, comfortable space where you and your partner can sit together without interruptions. Clear the area of any clutter and maybe even dim the lights to create a serene atmosphere.

2. Light the Candles: Place the two candles in front of you and light them to symbolize the flame of your love and the cosmic energy you’re inviting into your relationship. The act of lighting candles is a powerful way to set your intentions and create a sacred space.

3. Place the Rose Quartz: Between the candles, place the rose quartz. This crystal is known for its properties of unconditional love and healing, helping to open the heart chakra and enhance love in relationships.

4. Explore Cupido’s Placement: Together, examine the composite chart, focusing on Cupido’s placement. Discuss what this placement means for your relationship. For example, if Cupido is in a communicative sign like Gemini, it may highlight the importance of open dialogue and intellectual connection in your bond. If it’s in a passionate sign like Scorpio, it might indicate a deep, transformative love that you share.

5. Reflect and Share: Take turns sharing your thoughts and feelings about your relationship’s strengths and areas where you can grow together. Reflect on how Cupido’s placement has manifested in your relationship and how you can better align with these energies.

6. Set Intentions: With Cupido’s influence in mind, set intentions together for your relationship. This could be anything from communicating more openly, spending more quality time together, or supporting each other’s individual growth.

7. Close the Ritual: To close the ritual, thank each other for participating in this shared journey of discovery and reaffirm your commitment to nurturing your bond. Blow out the candles together, symbolizing the release of your intentions to the universe.

8. Carry the Love Forward: Keep the rose quartz as a reminder of your love and the intentions you set during the ritual. Place it somewhere meaningful where you can both see it daily.

This Valentine’s Day synastry ritual is a beautiful way to connect with your partner on a deeper level, exploring the cosmic underpinnings of your relationship through the placement of Cupido in your composite chart. It’s a time to celebrate your love, acknowledge your growth as a couple, and set intentions for the future, all under the auspices of the stars.

Love 💗 ,

Astro Krys

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Vanessa Mendoza
Vanessa Mendoza
15 févr.

How can we look for cupidos placement on our chart? 🤔

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