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Welcoming the Qi of the Wood Dragon: Your Lunar New Year Cleaning Countdown!

Are you feeling the vibrance of the upcoming Lunar New Year? 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon, and it’s time to clear our spaces to welcome the new qi with open arms. Here’s a loving guide to prepare your home, step by step, as we count down to February 10th. And hey, don’t forget to enroll in our fun and enlightening “Feng Shui of 2024” workshop!

1 Month Before (Start around January 10th):

1. Declutter Your Home: Begin with letting go. Clear out things you no longer need or use. Remember, less is more in Feng Shui!

2. Clean Your Windows and Doors: They are the eyes and mouths of your home, bringing in the light and fresh energy.

3 Weeks Before (Starting January 20th):

3. Refresh Your Living Room: This is where qi circulates most when we gather with family and friends. Dust and rearrange furniture for a fresh perspective.

4. Rejuvenate Your Kitchen: Clean your stove and fridge. In Feng Shui, a clean stove represents wealth and health!

2 Weeks Before (Starting January 27th):

5. Bless Your Bathroom: Deep clean this space to ensure it’s not draining your home’s positive energy.

6. Bedroom Bliss: Your sanctuary needs love too. Wash your linens, declutter around your bed, and consider refreshing your beddings.

1 Week Before (Starting February 3rd):

7. Harmonize Your Workspace: Whether it’s a home office or a small desk, make it tidy and organized for increased productivity and creativity.

8. Balcony and Garden Serenity: If you have outdoor spaces, tidy them up. Healthy plants and clean spaces enhance outdoor qi flow.

The Day Before (February 9th):

9. Final Touches: Light some candles, place fresh flowers, and set intentions for the New Year.

10. Create a Welcoming Entrance: The entrance is where we invite the new qi. Make it inviting, clean, and vibrant.

Remember, cleaning is not just a chore; it’s a ritual to welcome positive energy and new beginnings. Join us in our “Feng Shui of 2024” workshop to delve deeper into the magic of Feng Shui and embrace the Year of the Wood Dragon with wisdom and joy. During the workshop you will learn which area is an absolute must to clear and clean to welcome new year qi. I've been following these methods and have invited numerous success for not just me but all the members of my household. The art of feng shui can be used to attract a new job, start a new relationship, help your child do well in school, or get accepted into a great school!

Your investment will pay off tenfold 💰

Good Vibes Always!🐉✨

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