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Juno conjunct Ketu Tranist

Juno is conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius ♐️- Juno has been in Sag since December 18th 2020. She is working on releasing karmic issues in relationships. Juno has a dark side to her — she was the wife of Jupiter. Jupiter with his wondering eye 👁 would provoke Juno and she would lash out with revenge. She was extremely jealous of Hercules, whom was one of Jupiter’s children with a moral (human). She would go after the mistresses and their kin — all were fair game. She represents the ideal marriage partner in the chart. As a transit, Juno is working on discovering the true essence of what it looks like to be in a committed relationship and what you shows you all the cards 🃏— you decide. Juno will make a trine to Venus and Mars whom are also entering a new synodic cycle. Take ownership for your actions (Mars) and come to an agreement (Venus). Do you stay or do you get the fuck out? Change is definitely required.

Juno aspects show both karmic soul contracts and the ways you can learn in this relationships. Ketu is the tail fo the dragon 🐉, signifying this is a path we walked on many times but the true question is what did we learn about the journey.

  • Did we learn our lesson?

  • What was the gift 💝?

  • How can we not commit the same mistake again?

Juno is the :

  • Goddess of Marriage

  • Queen of the Heavens

  • Triple Moon Goddess

Zodiac association:

  • Libra ♎️

  • Scorpio ♏️

Glyph: Scepter of Royalty


  • Peacock

  • Cuckoo

  • Veil

  • Rainbow

  • Scepter

  • Daidem


  • Intimacy

  • Manipulation

In Synastry, Juno conjunct South Node means

that there was a past life marriage or relationship between the two. This is a karmic union to repay past life debts to each other and finish what was left undone.

The relationship is dependent on evolution of the souls — did you learn from your past behaviors or you have learned a fucking thing? That’s the question. The need to change old patterns in relationship is emphasized— if not, it will be a very painful relationship. The gift 💝 is that there’s potential for this union to be a lifetime soul partner.

Juno in Sagittarius ♐️ seeks acknowledgment through support in her beliefs, equality, respect, and needs to express her ideals. This Juno placement needs to be given freedom and loves to takes romantic adventures! Enjoy 😉

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