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Moon 🌝 Gazing

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

What is moon gazing and why is it beneficial? Moon gazing aka moon bathing is a wonderful practice. Not only do you align with the cycles of the moon but you can recharge your emotions, harmonize your mind, and balance your body. The moon has many calming effects on the rhythms of the body. Moon gazing is extremely beneficial as the reflected sunlight is filtered through the moon and provides calming and soothing effects. As much as we require to sun gaze, we also benefit greatly from the Luna light!


  1. Stress reducer.

  2. Assists in clearing, opening, and charging the pineal gland,

  3. Connects us to our innate feminine nature. (Male or Female — no gender)

  4. Reduces anxiety and nervousness.

  5. Improves sleep and relaxes to body.

You can moon gaze during any phase of the moon. The full moon 🌕 phase is also known to make some people wacky — hence the term lunatic. There’s a reason the moon 🌕 makes us feel this way 😜, that’s because she is calling our attention to take a moment and just embrace her beauty. When moon gazing, look at the moon as much as you can without blinking, hold your heart and breathe in love and breath out worry, breathe in care and breathe out stress, breathe in security and breathe out anxiety 😦. Wow — don’t you feel better?

Show Gratitude 💜 🤔

  1. What are you thankful for?

  2. How are you blessed?

  3. What do you love about yourself?

  4. What do you love about the people around you?

Take the Moon Gazing Challenge and align with the moon phases. Join our Monthly Goddess Ring and create Moon magic! Check out out event page. I promise you, the moon 🌙 will change your life!

💎 Crystal tip: Wear Silver, Moonstone, Pearl, Opal, Shells, or Mother Pearl while moon gazing. Drink a big glass of moon water.

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Jamie L
Jamie L

Thank you for the Moon Gazing tips & information. I have heard of moon gazing but I did not know of any benefits, nor what or how to do this! I plan on adding this as well!😊


Yes Moon Gazing is amazing 🤩! It will definitely calm your system! It’s magical 🤗

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