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Sun ☀️ Square Pluto

Exact Conjuntion on April 14, 2020.

Daily Horoscope Sun square Pluto transit is also known as the #ControlFreak aspect. Matters of control and authority are highlighted . Ego conflicts with other powerful people or authority figures can be experienced with this aspect. A crisis or conflict may arise if not managed with care. This aspect brings explosive 🧨 emotions and extreme intense arguments or even worse physical altercations. Such challenges can make us feel cornered or abused so taking initiative to defend with care, set a strong 💪🏼 safe position, or make a change to breakaway with tact is recommended.

On a psychological level it can bring up extreme issues of anxiety, being abused, fear of death, losing safety, losing control, being tortured, prosecuted, or trigger deeply buried psychological pain. These deeply rooted fears may even be past life related, karmic, or caused by recent emotional 😭 injuries due to the dark side of life such as addiction, warfare, verbal abuse, sexual assault or rape. Sun square Pluto being the dark energy— so tread with care and listen to your intuition.

We need to find a way to transform the pain and release blockages. By consciously taking steps to heal the subconscious like #innerchild work, #familyconstellation or any therapeutic work we can overcome our pain, fears, and worries. We can evolve and raise our vibrational energy by letting things go, facing our fears, forgiving, meditating, clearing our chakras, body meridian activation, #EFTtapping, Self-care, exercise and breathing practices. This is not a time to be lazy or wallow in our pain. We need to move our bodies and acknowledge our pain the release. This pain was never yours.

Use this aspect to grow and transform. You will be a new person, similar to a rebirth. Although, very intense transit we will be left with a greater sense of inner power. This will lead the path to success through ambition and smart work. Psychological work is always painful but it’s pain that create change. No one like pain.


“I give myself permission to be happy”

Healing Gem Stone:

Malachite and Clear Quartz

Jupiter is also conjunct this aspect — I describe this in my next blog post.

Jupiter changes this up a bit.

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