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The Lionsgate Portal 8.8, Venus Retrograde and the Dog Star Rising

During this time of the year, there are some amazing astrological alignments happening in the sky. One of them being the thinning of the energetic veil. Every August 8th, we welcome in the opening of the Stargate.

This auspicious moment marks the start of the rising of the fixed star Sirius with the Sun.

Sirius Rising at this time of year was a special and sacred occasion and marked the start of the new year.

In Ancient Egypt, the rising of Sirius coincided with the flooding of the Nile. They viewed this as a gift of prosperity and fertility and revered Sirius so much, they even aligned their pyramids with its rising as well. It’s theorized that the pyramids act as energetic transmitters that help in amplifying the energy of Sirius. Due to this alignment we can channel and download messages with greater ease.

The auspicious numerology meaning of 8? In numerology, 8 is a powerful manifestation number. Eight (8) is the number of power, money, and abundance. It’s connected to the planet Saturn 🪐 . 8 is also the number associated with DNA activation, power, and higher realms of consciousness. The Magical Energy of 🦁 Lions Gate Portal? Every year from July 28th until August 18th, the Lion’s Gate is open with its peak on 8/8. The Sun is transiting the sign of Leo ♌️ and we witness the star Sirius visible during sunrise 🌅. There’s also a magnificent alignment with Orion’s belt and the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza. This is the point where the Earth’s in alignment with the Galatic Center of the Universe. This allows the powerful portal to be in play for an energetic acceleration for our conscious awakening.

Manifestating during the open portal Use this Lion’s Gate Activation to release your limiting beliefs about money and to open your heart to your deepest passions. Remember, your passions and your purpose go hand in hand. Your purpose is needed in this life more than ever. You are here to live out your truth and to step into the light and out of the Spiritual Closet. This Lion’s Gate gives you the perfect opportunity to go out there and rise!

Sirius Stars Astrological and Occult Meaning

Sirius fixed star is one of the most auspicious stars according to Babylonians. This star is known as a spiritual star. Its magnitude is bright blue in the sky. This star was worshiped around ancient civilizations. It sits on the arrow of Saturn. This star in a key position in the natal chart, talks about nobility, be wise, share abundance, will be intelligent, and benevolent. Sirius is of the nature of Jupiter and Mars (high ambition, pride, love of power, grandeur of view.) It gives honor, renown, wealth, ardor, faithfulness, devotion, passion and resentment, and makes its natives custodians, curators and guardians. It also gives danger of dog bites. Sirius is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Its image is a hound or a little virgin. It gives honor, the goodwill and favor of men and the airy spirits, and the power to pacify nobles and others. Sirius is only a beneficial star.

It's also said that great sages incarnated from Sirius to evolve the consciousness of humanity.

The Lions Gate Portal peaks around August 8th

This year there is a new moon in Leo on 8/8, making this a very auspicious day. The birth of the divine feminine and sacred masculine along with the Fixed Star Sirius rising denotes the path for mass awakening. The spiritual vail is thin and strong energetic intentions can be granted by the cosmos.

Lion‘s Gate Portal Significance:

  • Higher Conscious Awareness

  • Enhanced Intuition & Psychic Development

  • Unexpected endings & New Beginnings

  • Feeling Aligned, Awakened, and Energized

  • Seeing Number Sequences

  • Receiving Prophetic Dreams

  • The ability to instantly manifest and alter your reality

  • Positive Transitions

The Heliacal Rise of Sirius marks God‘s New Year or Spiritual New Year

The flickering colors of the star denotes the auspicious blessings that the new year will bring to your area. This is individualized to the location on earth you witness the rising. Sirius is the binary star to the Sun. This means that the Suns' orbit and the orbit Sirius intertwine. History describes the color of Sirius as Red, the color of Mars and now Sirus is indigo blue like the color related to Jupiter. The color is based on the Sun Sirius orbit, when the color shines red, Sirius was moving away from the sun and now that its closer its blue. This is a great contributor to Spiritual awakening.

Venus Retrograde in Leo ♌️

Venus rules our deepest values and worth. The quality of our natal Venus can describe the ease of difficulty you may experience in matters of love, money, resources, and beauty.

Venus turn retro way before the Lionsgate but it's a big deal because it's retrograde in the sign the sun is transiting. Venus retrograde asks us introspect to get our priorities straight.

Venus is also squaring Uranus and Jupiter (by house) in Taurus ♉️, this aspect allows the collective to address fears, doubts, and beliefs we've carried about money, self worth, wealth, and values. Uranus brings the component of eMoney, which raises controversial opinions every time we talk about paperless (invisible) money— it's nothing new! We've been using debit cards 💳 to represent money for a while now. Money linked to these cards are invisibly transacted just like eMoney. All the rest of the talk about controlling our money is triggering fear and doubt. Not the best way to handle change.

This direction is inevitable, this direction is the future, and we can not start the path towards this direction with fear. eMoney is our present!

You are a money magnet from birth right! We are abundant beings. The scarcity mindset is a billion dollar industry, and the people on the receiving end are benefiting the most, while the most impacted are blocking their flow of abundance. We need to heal this!

Join me during the Lionsgate to realign your money magnet 🧲 and release fears, beliefs, doubts about around worth and money. Venus Retrograde is perfect for this and the rising of Sirius will assist us in rewiring our abundance code.

Sky watching Sirius Heliacal Rising

Witnessing the rising of Sirius in the sky is extremely auspicious as it symbolizes Gods divine wisdom. The rising of Sirius will infuse within your DNA and align your mind, body, and soul. This is witnessed from at around 3-5 am before the sun rises from around 8/12/23, this year.

Start sky watching in the morning sky about August 12. Locate Betelgeuse and Procyon. A binocular may help you initially find the stars. Once you see the two stars, you can visualize the scale of this large celestial triangle. You can use apps like SkyView to locate the stars. You will look towards the eastern horizon.

I will be hosting a Lionsgate 🦁 Money Magnet Realignment Workshop on 8/08/23 @ 18:08 pm PST. We will set intentions as a collective along with a group energy session and ritual.

This celestial event is considered very powerful and has ushered the Egyptian new year, and with it the flooding of the Nile. Sirius was considered a life-giver and was affiliated with the goddess Isis.

Sirius is a star of power and success, excellence, wealth, devotion, protection, and passion for achieving one's goals.

Plan something special during this week and align with the 88 portal.


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