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New Moon 🌚 in Taurus ♉️

New Moon 🌚 in Taurus ♉️ 04.22.2020 @ 7:26 pm PST; Exact degree 9:07 pm PST

New Moon’s represent new beginnings. The moon’s favorite sign is Taurus. In astrology this position is called “exhausted“. This means the moon feels like A QUEEN 👑. The exact day of the new moon symbolizes a mating of the feminine and masculine energy. This is why manifesting during a new moon is a great time to set intentions because the king 🤴🏻 and queen 👸🏻 are creating 👶🏻 . The new moon plants the seed and the crescent moon 🌙 2-3 days later is the birth. This is all symbolic right— the birth of an idea or goal. Manifesting has NO LIMIT. It’s best to set intentions around what the sign of Taurus represents. Taurus rules beauty, money, food, luxuries and pleasures in life. Venus is the ruler of Taurus ♉️— nuff said. Taurus doesn’t just like money 💰 just for liking money, they require safety. In this tangible world money brings safety. More money + more security = A Happy Taurus ♉️. Safety depends on the need for stability; for some it may feel as it‘s not easy to attain right now. Taurus is also a fixed sign thus change is not the greatest unless they initiated the change.

During this new moon 🌙 we need to think about how we handle and value money. The new moon is close to Uranus bringing in a spunk of eccentricity. The Sun & Moon 🌚 are also squaring Saturn in Aquarius ♒️ . Saturn is in charge due to his rulership position. What does this mean? That with hard work 😓 our efforts will pay off. However, Saturn 🪐 requires that we work ethically and efficiently. It’s time to do something different with our money. We need to think of budgeting, saving, and investing. Investing in property or the stock market would be good. Saving for a rainy day is also a great way to use this energy. Do your research. We are getting help from Jupiter and Pluto as they are in Capricorn ♑️ which is another earth sign. The earth 🌍 signs trine each other and they bring blessings. This seals the deal.. Work, work, work, work, work 🎶 — and our efforts will be multiplied with Jupiter and Pluto’s energy.

Lastly, the nodes are about to leave Capricorn ♑️ and Cancer ♋️ . These signs are ruled by Saturn and Moon and these planets are squaring. A square is a difficult aspect but has the nature of rewarding at the end. Look at the area where you have Taurus and Venus in your natal chart and see what you can work towards manifesting.

Check your ASC, Sun ☀️, and Moon 🌙 to look at the areas in which this energy will manifest in your life. Don’t forget to also check any natal planets that are conjuncting, opposing, squaring, sextiling, or trining the houses where Taurus ♉️ Cusp falls in your Natal chart. Check your sign to find where Taurus ♉️ is located in your chart. Confused? Check our my FREE birth calculator.

Aries ♈️ on your 2H cusp - Money, Spending Habits, Personal Assets, Self Esteem & Self Worth, & Food We Eat

Taurus ♉️ on your 1H cusp - The Physical Body, appearance, First Impression Persona, and Character

Gemini ♊️ on your 12H cusp - The Hidden, Spiritual Realm, Genetic Lines, Far Away Places, Mental Health, and Bed Pleasures. Cancer ♋️ on your 11H cusp - Networking, Society, Dreams, Goals and Monetary Gains Leo ♌️ on your 10H cusp - Career, Authorities, and Status Virgo ♍️ on your 9H cusp - Spiritual beliefs, Higher Education, Foreign Lands, and Long term travel

Libra ♎️ on your 8H cusp - Mutual Resources, Taxes, Loans, Credit Cards, and Intimate Relations

Scorpio ♏️ on your 7H cusp - Partnerships, Law, Spouse, Close Friendships, and Business Partners

Sagittarius ♐️ on your 6H cusp - Daily routines, Coworkers, Employees, Work, Service, Debt, Enemies, Diet, Health and Pets.

Capricorn ♑️ on your 5H cusp - Romance, Creativity, Self Employment, Love, Fun, and Children

Aquarius ♒️ on your 4H cusp - Home, Deep Rooted Emotions, Karma, and Ancestors

Pisces ♓️ on your 3H cusp- Communication, Siblings, Short Travel, Education, and Neighbors Happy Manifesting 💫 💗 #AstroKrys

Organs influenced by Taurus Sign:

Taurus rules organs are now more sensitive so provide them with care: Neck, larynx, throat, vocal cords, thyroid gland, tonsils, and Adam's apple.

Surgical operations:

Surgical operations are not recommended during the New Moon.

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