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The Sun ☀️ in Taurus ♉️

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Dates: April 20 through May 19

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. Taurus Is ruled by the planet of Venus. Taurus is the first Earth element and it’s modality is fixed. The Earth signs, are known for their stable, practical, and solid personality. Taureans are known for sturdy dependability, loyalty and a realistic approach to life. Taurus rules luxuries, food, Material possession, money, and anything that is beautiful. Taurus solidifies spring season 🌸 💐🌹. Taurus ♉️ enjoys life’s pleasures. Taurean people are extremely loyal and honest. They have many interests when it comes to art and beauty. Many of these Venus ruled people are either artists, painters, crafters, sculptors, or at minimum art collectors and enthusiasts.

If you’ve EVER been entertained by a Taurus ♉️ you‘d know that they host the best of parties. Everything is perfect and delicious. From the decor, to delicious gourmet 👩🏻‍🍳 food, elegant dress, and beautiful invites 😉.

Taureans, crave security and that‘s why they are such good business people or work toward positions that revenue a comfortable income. Taureans life journey is about are learning how to trust, not allowIng security issues to affect them, how to be well-grounded, and evolve their self worth. Taurus is not, a materialistic sign like its polar opposite sign of Scorpio.

Taurus relates to all things physical, sensual and real. Taureans are engaged by using all the senses. They are most responsive to what they can see, hear, smell, taste and touch­.

Taureans will often associate tangible possessions with self worth. They also have a deep need to accumulate money and possessions for this very same reason. Their need to acquire money and possesions is not for greed or recognition but to provide them security. They need money 💰 in the bank, and should make sure that security needs are met in order to feel any peace. Once security has been established, then sharing possessions with others will keep the flow of abundance open. This makes friends of the Taurean lucky 🍀 as they reap the rewards of the all too generous Taurus.

The Taurus Woman

Taurean women loves anything beauty. They have a great sense of style and take pride in fixing their hair, applying make-up, and dressing up with luxurious clothing. When they dress 👗 up they will activate all the senses. What do I mean? They will be visually appealing, where perfume to stimulate the olfactory, move seductively, love to show emotions with touch, and speak sensually. The are masters on leaving a mark. This woman is irresistible. Their body type is typically curvy in nature and tend not to have a naturally thin frame unless other elements in the chart influence their look.

Taurus in Relationship

A Taurus ♉️ friend is loyal, kind, showers you with kind gifts, charming and have a great humor.

A Taurus in love, is devoted, reliable and loyal. They are warm, kind and generous and always willing to provide security and money 💰 to their lover. They love to be in love 😍 and are true romantics at heart 💜.

Taurus Struggles with Change

The Taurean ia very practical and my analyze the situation patiently before acting is the problem doesn’t permit them to act immediatel. Taking risks is not a forte of Taurus. This is where the fixed modality comes in to play, they are stubborn, and resistant to new changes. Taureans are mostly peace-loving individuals, who would much rather enjoy a relaxing spa, great vacation, or just enjoying beautiful landscapes.

Taurus ♉️ Transit

Enjoy the beauty around you during the Sun in Taurus ♉️ transit. The flowers are blooming, the sun is warm and cozy, and it’s a great time to learn how to take up cooking 🍳 lessons, plant a herb garden, or maybe create a “How to” decor your home, party plan, or apply make up eCourse.


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