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Venus trine Pluto transit

Passion is in the air. These two planets in a trine aspect will add intensity and passion towards relationships and matters of love. Venus craves connection and Pluto — well he likes to get to the deep root of the matter 😉. During this transit, you should feel more connected on a deep level towards the ones you love 💕, especially your romantic partner(s). It’s a borderline possessive feeling. Great time to show your partner how you feel about them and express your passionate feelings physically with lots of mysterious intimate magnetism. If single, a new relationship now would be very intense indeed. Just be warned any long term relationships under this aspect may involve an affair or some other complication In the long term 🤞🏻 or be a very passionate borderline possessive love affair #fatalattraction.

This is a good time for re-decorating, re-arranging, cleaning, and beautifying your home or office. If you are the artistic or creative type then this is a great time to be alone and get your creative juices flowing 🎨 .

When it comes to money💰. How to generate wealth may be on your mind 🧠 . Do some research on wealth creation, quick money schemes, or make an investment which can pay off in the long term to attain a small fortune. If you do your homework 🕵🏻📚 , it might pay off a pretty penny. Great time to set intentions with crystals. Crystals are found underground in Pluto’s territory but esthetically appealing to Venus. After all Venus loves a good diamond 💎 or emerald.

Enjoy 😉

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