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Full Moon 🌕 in Scorpio ♏️

Flower Full Moon in Scorpio on 5/7/2020 is asking us to release and transcend. The sign of Scorpio is very taboo. Scorpio deals with deep psychological transformation, other peoples’ money, sexuality, secrets, and the occult. This is a magic moon indeed. The Moon in the sign of Scorpio gets a bad rap. Why? Taurus is the sign the moon loves its ruled by Venus. Scorpio on the other hand is ruled by drill sergeant Mars. The nurturing side of the moon doesn't like to be a drill sergeant. So what do we do when the moon is in Scorpio Magic my friend, we perform magic. The axis of Taurus and Scorpio asks us to evaluate how we value, spend, and treat money. Also paying close attention to the intimate relationships we are in or are breaking away from due to coming to an end. To know exactly where we will be feeling this Full Moon energy go to my free birth chart calculator and check where Taurus and Scorpio fall in your natal chart.

On a global scale we are currently dealing with matters of personal money, accumulated wealth, how we value money, (Taurus) and others combined resources, loans, banks, insurance, taxes, government assistance (Scorpio). We are being asked to think outside the box and end beliefs that no longer serve us. Why? You ask... Well Venus is currently in the sign of Gemini and Mars is in the sign of Aquarius. Both of these planets are in rulership of the Sun and Moon that are playing a big role in the Full Moon. The Sun in 17 degree Taurus is ruled by Venus and the Moon in 17 degree Scorpio is ruled by Mars. At least the cosmic lovers are harmoniously speaking -- in air signs -- but speaking. Venus is the only one that likes air, Mars performs better in Fire, Water, or Earth. These too are in air signs which rule logic. We no longer can buy impulsively as there will be consequences to the actions that we take at this time. The sign of Gemini has also welcomed the North Node. The nodes are the moons karmic axis. What we are experiencing as a collective was written in the stars for us to experience.

The Sun and Moon are in playing on opposite sides of the axis. Poor Moon is alone in Scorpio while the scorching Sun in Taurus has Uranus and Mercury also opposing the Moon. The energy is nervous and analytical down the core. There is saving grace! Neptune Master of illusions, transcendence, unconditional love, and martyr is making a harmonious aspects form Pisces to Taurus and Scorpio. Neptune is our way out of the tension that Mrs. Moon may be feeling. Our emotions are heightened and rattled. The ground that we are stepping feels insecure and unstable, however we have to trust in the Devine. Something in the ethers will provide support. We have to really tap into our spiritual beliefs. Now the energy of Neptune is tricky.. The likes to muse things up. Yes muse.. you can see or portray things that are not there. Neptune is hidden secrets and motives. As the energy of Scorpio is power, societies, and hidden truths. Neptune is receiving a strong square from the karmic nodes. We are preparing for the new eclipse season in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis with this Scorpio moon. Out deep beliefs of mundane life and universal law will be tested. What can we do? Trust and meditate .... Yes, Neptune. rules such things. Neptune is water energy, very intuitive and transcending. Jupiter is also sending a supportive trine from Capricorn along with retrograde Pluto in Capricorn too. Jupiter is also asking us to trust, feel joy, and think abundance. Pluto on the other hand is retrograde and he is asking us to throw all the shit out. Pluto wants to clean our karma whether you like it or not. So why not just help so things can run smoother... Who knows you may come out of this phase a flipping Phoenix. #JustSaying

Full Moon Cleansing Magic Ritual

Magic Tools (What you need):

1) Something to write with like pen and paper

2) Small candle and matches or lighter

3) Bowl with water

4)Salt (your preference)

5) Cleansing tools like a bell, sage, Palo Santo (whatever floats your boat)

6) Music (Tibetan bowls, mediation music etc. ) optional


· First Step --Start by cleansing your space. Recite a heart felt mantra asking your spirit guides, the divine, or whatever you believe in to assist you during the cleansing of your body and sacred space.

· Second Step -- Settle in and take 3 deep cleansing breaths. Start writing what you'd like to release from your life as it no longer serves you. You can write as much or as little as you'd like.

· Third Step --Fold your paper in half 3 times and place in bowl with water.

· Fourth Step --Sprinkle a pinch of salt while visualizing a new you and give thanks as you are doing this.

· Fifth Step --Light your candle (Do not leave unsupervised) and place safely near the bowl of water. Once the candle is out. Go to final step.

· Final Step --Dispose of water, grab the dampened paper and squeeze the water out of the paper. You can then burry it or dispose of it in recycling bin.

Namaste... Happy Moon Manifesting

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