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Venus Goddess Stages

My Inner Goddess Rocks

Venus as a Morning Star represents the persona go Goddess Pallas Athena. This phase of Venus carries the qualities of beauty and esthetics but also the strong determination of Pallas Athena. Venus as a Morning Star rises in the morning sky right before dawn. She will still be retrograde when she appears in the sky but all in all she is appearing. Venus retrograde period is not the worry as much as Venus stages, The stages are most important!

Goddess Venus

The ancients spoke of the Venus cycles with high importance. Her cycles were studied and correlated to astrology. Venus cycles affect mundane astrology and also individual astrology. The cycle of Venus in a persons' horoscope can describe how to best tap in to her Archetype. How do you spot what type of Venus you have in your natal chart? Keep reading.

Venus Stages

Stage 1: Venus Evening Star

Venus as an Evening Star is very visible in the night sky. Venus as Evening Star is sensual, delicate, and feminine. The Evening star Venus is gracious and sensual. This stage connects with the archetype of Goddess Aphrodite. This is the first stage of Venus. Venus as a Even Star attracts money, beauty, and luxuries much more easier than the other stages. Venus is quite strong during this cycle as this stage is the true archetype of Venus. Venus reaches her elongation cycle then retrogrades to her next stage.

Stage 2: Dark Venus

The dark stage Venus connects with the archetype of Goddess Hacate. This stage is known as as dark Venus because she disappears from the sky. The ancients described this stage as inauspicious. Venus earthly reign especially the qualities of Taurus and Libra lack guidance. The divine feminine on the material realm is lacking diplomacy and tact. The divine feminine qualities and everything that Venus rules goes dark on earth. Venus is not visible in the sky due too being too close to the sun's rays. The Venus dark stage she is reprograming herself and she transforming. Venus appreciates her independence and being too close to the King (sun) is not the best time. Dark stage Venus is known to bring a little havoc on earth. Not recommended to start a new business or project doing this stage. This stage is good for magic, shadow work, and releasing negative emotions.

Stage 3: Venus Morning Star

Venus as a Morning Star is very well connected to her masculinity. The Morning Star Venus is driven, a boss base, goes after what she wants, and has lots of energetic sex appeal. This Venus not only gets what she wants but has the drive and ambition to make it in a competitive world. Don't get me wrong, she is irresistible but her greatest asset is her smarts. Get to know Goddess Pallas Athena to get an idea of Venus as a morning start. During this stage you can start a business venture, establish partnerships, and set goals to achieve material gains.

What type of Venus do you have in your chart?

Identifying what type of Venus you have in your natal chart is REALLY important. Embracing the goddess archetype in your chart is the best way to tap into the goddess qualities. You don't have to be a woman to tap into the feminine qualities of Venus. Both sexes have masculine and feminine traits. Venus rules diplomacy, thus a well placed Morning Star Venus in a man's chart can make him quite the charmer in politics. Get your FREE birth chart and check to see what type of Venus your have.

Grab your chart. Locate your Sun. Venus is always close to the Sun.

Evening Star Venus is located counter clockwise of the Sun in your natal chart.

Example. Venus at 29 Gemini and Sun at 9 degree Gemini.

Dark Venus is within 10 degrees of the Sun on either direction in your natal chart.

Example. Venus at 29 Gemini and Sun at 19 degree Gemini or Venus at 18 degree Cancer and Sun at 28 degree Cancer.

Morning Star Venus is located counter clockwise of the Sun in your natal chart.

Example. Venus at 9 Gemini and Sun at 20 degree Gemini.

Recommended: Wear a pretty outfit, use perfume, get glammed up, buy flowers for yourself, give someone flowers, eat lots of fruit, and be gracious. Do what makes you feel good.

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