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Goddess Venus born with Aldebaran

I am Morning Star ⭐️ Goddess Venus is born as a Morning Star on 6/10/2020 @ 9° Gemini ♊️ in the Los Angeles, CA area. Venus is currently transiting the sign of Gemini ♊️. She started her retrograde period on 5/14/2020 at 21° Gemini ♊️ and will be ending her retrograde transit on 6/25/2020 at 5° Gemini ♊️ . She has visited Aldebaran a few times during her retrograde. Venus will be rising with the Royal fixed star Aldebaran, Archangel Michael’s star ⭐️. This will be highly auspicious. Venus will still be retrograde when conjunction occurs but the grace of Aldebaran will bring blessings of material and spiritual gains.

Venus is forming a strong square to Mars and Neptune. This aspect reminds us to reevaluate your values and beliefs, especially when it comes to relationships. Venus and Mars are the cosmic soulmates thus the feminine and masculine archetypes in each one of us has some work to do. Neptune square can confuse and blur some lines. Make sure to take off your rose colored glasses before making a rash decision.

Venus is also squaring Ceres. Ceres represents the archetype of the mother. Ceres was the goddess of agriculture, bounty, grain, and the love a mother bears for her child. There’s work to be done with the archetype of the daughter (Venus) and the archetype of the Mother (Ceres). Reflect back and connect to your inner parent, dig deep inside, it’s time to transform and release any pain or guilt. Workout any issues with loved ones or within yourself — find your inner gifts 🎁.

Saturn🪐 will be making a trine by house which is very supportive. This aspect reminds us that ethical principles support our endeavors. Saturn and Venus are friends and when they trine by aspect it warrants long term outcomes. Saturn 🪐 the planet of karma trining the planet of love 💗 Venus is good for our development. Think 🤔 about it, what baggage needs to be thrown out so you can build better boundaries. This is a great aspect for self-love work, inner child work, shadow work, or to work out some relationship issues.

The disseminating Moon 🌙 is conjunct Saturn 🪐 as well. Familial or ancestor work regarding old beliefs or generational patterns or trauma can be worked out so that you can transform. The moon 🌙 is ruling mercury in Cancer ♋️ which supports communication by speaking kindly and with lots of emotions. Venus will be turning direct and revisit this Aldebaran conjunction. A whole other conversation .

Check out the stages of Venus post. What type of Venus do you have in your Natal Chart? Connect with your inner Goddess.

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