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Mercury enters Cancer ♋️

May 28, 2020 through August 4, 2020

It's going to be a long transit through the sign of Cancer. Mercury is stay in the watery cardinal energy of cancer of a longer transit due to retrograding in this sign.

Mercury enters the sign of Cancer with a quincunx aspect with Saturn. This aspect reminds us of our responsibilities and highlights a seriousness in handling our everyday routines. Cancer is a very intuitive sign and emotional as well. Mercury rules the mind and intellect. In a worldly sense you will feel matter of the home, emotional well being, and security being questioned. The way people are communicating will be by leading with emotion. You will see how matters close to our hearts and foundational principals will be on the forefront of this transit.

This transit is great to set your home in order. I mean home by your literal home and also your body. The body is ruled by the Moon and daily health routines ruled by Mercury. Schedule sometime to focus on things that your really love, care for, and connect with loved ones. If there is something you needed to get off your chest (cancer) write it down (mercury) before you communicate your feelings (cancer). By doing this you can release some emotions (cancer) and communicate clearer (mercury) so that you can be heard and understood. Working on home projects (cancer) and organizing the home (mercury) is also supported very well. Taking a short course on self love (moon), nutritional (moon) routine (mercury), or meditating to develop or spiritual connection.

Mercury is a very fast planet and likes things fast and quick, the moon is the fastest in astrology, so they work together quite well as Mercury can communicate his emotions and thought much easier. We may also feel a little more sensitive to our surroundings and atmosphere. Matters around the homeland (cancer) on media networks (mercury) will great impact our state of mind. News around safety, health, business, and commerce may cause some concerns over the body and mind. The country (cancer) is desperate to know the truth around how safe it is to continue every day routines (mercury).

We are making history (cancer) here! This history is being documented by social media and news (mercury). The Declaration of Independence was singed when Mercury was retrograde in the sign of Cancer. When mercury returns to the same exact degree that he was located when the declaration was signed - it will mark a new development over the countries commercial future. The country will have a Mercury return with Pluto opposition. Let's see how that will play out. Post to follow.

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