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Mercury in Gemini ♊️

Updated: May 29, 2020

"Naturally Witty with Words and a Sharp Mind."

Mercury in Gemini people are masters of multitasking. Mercury rules the sign of Gemini so he is in his domain in this sign. Gemini is an air element and air rules logic and the mind. Gemini is also a mutable energy. Mercury in Gemini is a very interesting placement. They have an a huge thrust for knowledge. They may be a little scattered due to their extensive interests and thrust for knowledge. They are like the jack of all trades, they know a little about everything. They are very social which sometimes looks like they re being overly flirtatious. They also have great conversation as they have the gift of gab. They have a lot of general knowledge due to their curiosity. That same curiosity also may distract them from delving deep into all their subject of interests.

They learn best in a highly stimulating environment. They bore easily but are fast learners and process information like the speed of light. They have a lot of youthful energy which contributes to their nervousness. Mercury in Gemini, individuals metal gift is logic. They use their logic rather than their intuition. This is individualized to your chart as aspects to intuitive planets like the Moon, Neptune, or Pluto can change this.

Mercury in Gemini individuals are typically gifted speakers. They can detach emotion from logic very easily. They are easy conversationist as the are not aggressively opinionated or dogmatic. This quality may cause frustrating arguments with loved ones due to their fickleness and detachment. How we, generally a pleasant conversationalist. The positive qualities of Mercury in Gemini is curiosity for life and adventurous streak. They easily adapt to the environment around them. They possess versatile minds, they can see others point of view.

Mercury in Gemini natives can be smooth talkers, even a little deceptive, although it's not with malice. They enjoy a good laugh and pull on the leg. Their youthful sense of humor is refreshing. Mercury was known to be the trickster in mythology. They can be good liars and manipulated as they can easily spot human weaknesses and use this to their advantage.

All- in-all Mercury in Gemini individuals are quick decision-makers. They have fun with words, they are good on the phone, and they make engaging speakers. They communicate with a strong sense of fun, and they can “speak to” people from all walks of life with equal ease.You can spot a Mercury in Gemini person having a group of friends that play pranks, crack jokes, or have engaging conversations. They are unlikely to be boring people.

Mercury in Gemini individuals when in love are flirtatious, cunning, and playful. They require a fast paced intellectual conversation and need lots of diversity or they will bore. They enjoy socializing, going on adventurous dates around town, and couples dates too. They generally have a flirtatious persona, which must be taken lightly, as partners of Mercury Gemini may suffer with issues of insecurity, jealousy, and anger. The flirting is part of their personality and if you'd like to have a serious relationship with this individual -- be ready to ignore the flirting or suffer the consecquences. They are loyal as long as they are stimulated and not pressured. When NOT in a committed relationship they enjoy hooking up freely with no strings attached. #Ontothenext . This can change depending on their natal chart. Golden rule, we are individuals and our natal chart speaks to us uniquely.

Mercury in Gemini Traits:

  • Youthful looks

  • Flirtatious

  • Adventurous and Curious

  • Witty and Smart

  • Fast Speech

  • Cleaver Minds

  • Good Instructors

  • Great Communicators

  • Good Teachers

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