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Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Retrograde dates 06/23/2020 through 11/29/2020 Neptune moves into retrograde motion on June 23, 2020 @ 20°57’ in the sign of Pisces. Neptune rules the sign of Pisces. Neptune entered the sign of Pisces ♓️ a few years ago and he’s made some drastic changes! Neptune is over half way through his trip through the zodiac sign of Pisces. Pisces ♓️ is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. #DoubleRulership When a planet transits their ruling sign, everything the sign and planet rules are very strongly influenced. Neptune is the muse energy out of all the planets. His chameleon qualities morph and blend subtly in to our consciousness.

Neptune is the planet of imagination, psychic perception, intuitive hunches, and dreams. These themes become vivid and internalized. We are much more sensitive and our imagination may run wild and pour on to the reality realm without notice. Neptune carries an energy of unconditional boundless love. Neptune also has a negative side. Neptune tends to burr reality, cause illusion, increase or cause addiction to substances. Neptune‘s imagination is powerfully felt without a doubt.

Neptune will station retrograde while sextiling Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn ♑️, with an exact sextile forming between Neptune retrograde and Jupiter on July 27 and October 11. This aspect supports dreams with material manifestation.

During the Neptune Retrograde transit we are called to look deep in to our soul development and reinforce the body mind connection. A great to time to really narrow down your passions.

Are you just daydreaming instead of living your own dream? Jupiter Pluto aspect to Neptune will support your dreams and concrete them in to reality. #GoalSetting to #GoalGetting

Neptune Governs:

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Theater

  • Movie Industry

  • Photography

  • Make-up

  • Unconditional Love

  • Marijuana

  • Addictions

  • Mental Illnesses

  • Disabilities

  • Thieves

  • Spying

  • Fraud

  • Painting

  • Artwork

  • Spirituality

  • Christianity

  • Music

  • Muses

  • Intuition

  • Angels

  • Institutions

  • Scared buildings

  • Spa’s

  • Retreats

  • Meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️


The signs of Pisces ♓️, Virgo ♍️,

Gemini ♊️, and Sagittarius ♐️ the most.

Most Intense for Pisces: Neptune will dissolve boundaries and open awareness to otherworldly perceptions.

Most challenging for Virgo ♍️ Neptune is forming an opposition to Virgo. Neptune will blur logic and structures that Virgo relies upon for sorting and analyzing information.

Most friction for Gemini♊️ and Sagittarius ♐️

Neptune retrograde squares the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius causing blurred hurdles that will take up some time to work through, tread carefull.


The signs of Cancer ♋️ and Scorpio ♏️ will receive a positive aspect.

Most beneficial for Cancer and Scorpio Neptune retrograde will be flowing a trine aspect that will amplify inspiration and expand imagination into creative pursuits.

Check out your natal chart with my Free Birth Chart Calculator to see how Neptune’s transit will influence you.

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