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Venus enters Gemini ♊️ Transit

Active Transit April 4, 2020 through August 7, 2020

The planet of beauty & luxury is transiting Gemini

Gemini ♊️ has a youthful chatty energy. When Venus transit Gemini ♊️ speech and social activities are heightened. Lightness and ease are in the air. People connecting and forming new friendships through social media, this is becoming even more comfortable. Such relationships can result in great friendships or if it’s a new Love 💗 a fleeting-not-so-long-lasting love affair. Doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it 😉.

Venus in Gemini ♊️ enjoys variety and is not very found of settling down too quickly. However, she is talking the talk and walking the walk #flirt. She also seeks lots of mental, intelligent conversations... any ideas 💋.

Venus in Gemini is excellent for e-commerce, merchandising, advertising, networking, entertainment and local travel. Maybe after being cooped up at home 🏡 due to everything-going-on-right-now we will be antsy 🐜 to get-out-and-about and plan a local vacay or weekend get away in the next few weeks.

Single? Great time to #mingle !!! Start flirting, having long wordy and flirty convos, stimulate the mind and you activate the romance ❤️.

Tied down? Great time to start using more talking in between the sheets 🤭. Also, being more handsy 🖐🏻 with your partner is recommended. Romantic jesters like a nice picnic 🧺 in your backyard, star ⭐️ gazing on your roof top, or wine 🍷 with a nice conversation 🔥🔥.

There is a shadow side to this Venus and if negatively aspected in you birth chart you may need to be more careful of telemarketing scams, bad money management, and when it comes to relationships — be careful and pay lots of attention to your intuition, as your cutie might be indulging in love in more than one honey pot 🍯 🤭. PS Venus will retro in Gemini this year — so we get a second chance to redo. (That‘s another Convo and I’ll post about the later)

Check your ASC, Sun ☀️, and Moon 🌙 to look at the areas in which this energy will manifest in your life. Don’t forget to also check any natal planets like Venus and Mercury or any other planets that are conjuncting, opposing, squaring, sextiling, or trining the houses where Gemini Cusp falls in your birth chart.

Look at your sign — the House Gemini ♊️ and the meaning of the house 🏡 will give you a better idea of what’s going on for you during this Venus Gemini ♊️ transit.

♈️ on your 3H cusp- Communication, Siblings, Short Travel, Education, and Neighbors

♉️ on your 2H cusp - Money, Spending Habits, Personal Assets, Self Esteem & Self Worth, & Food We Eat

♊️ on your 1H cusp - The Physical Body, appearance, First Impression Persona, and Character

♋️ on your 12H cusp - The Hidden, Spiritual Realm, Genetic Lines, Far Away Places, Mental Health, and Bed Pleasures.

♌️ on your 11H cusp - Networking, Society, Dreams, Goals and Monetary Gains

♍️ on your 10H cusp - Career, Authorities, and Status

♎️ on your 9H cusp - Spiritual beliefs, Higher Education, Foreign Lands, and Long term travel

♏️ on your 8H cusp - Mutual Resources, Taxes, Loans, Credit Cards, and Intimate Relations

♐️ on your 7H cusp - Partnerships, Law, Spouse, Close Friendships, and Business Partners

♑️ on your 6H cusp - Daily routines, Coworkers, Employees, Work, Service, Debt, Enemies, Diet, Health and Pets.

♒️ on your 5H cusp - Romance, Creativity, Self Employment, Love, Fun, and Children

♓️ on your 4H cusp - Home, Deep Rooted Emotions, Karma, and Ancestors

Abundance 🍀, Love 💕, Blessings

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