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Monthly Horoscope

August 2020

I am one with the universe

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Aquarius, Mars in the 3rd house squaring Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn in the 12th house. You will feel frustrated with all the Mars energy that your ruler Saturn will be feeling.  You might disagree with other ideologies and beliefs.  You will not tolerate injustices and finally will speak your mind.  Just make sure you curb your attitude and use the mature side of Saturn to communicate your beliefs at the same time not looking crazy.  Saturn gives you the maturity to do some research in regard to hidden information, karma, or even generational trauma.  Mars will give you great power to tackle a short course or even teach a short course.  You might have a lot of demands around your daily routines and communication. Great time to take up learning a new computer program that will develop your soft skills.  These soft skills can boost your money-making power.  Mars will give you lots of energy to rethink and revamp this area of life.  You may also have conflicts with siblings or neighbors due to Mars in the 3rd House causing a havoc in that area.  Be mindful of this energy and channel it by running around your neighborhood or even working out in your backyard if possible.   You can get even more creative and zoom a workout with a friend, sibling, or neighbor.  You can also learn a new language to keep your mind busy or speed read some books. This is great aspect for persons in the sales, marketing, and networking business.  Read a dream interpretation book to channel the energy of the 12thhouse. Journal your dreams.  If you are travelling, take plenty of precautions as Mars can cause mechanical issues and transportation delays.



New moon in Leo


The new moon is in the 7th house of relationships.  New moons symbolize new beginnings. The energy can influence a renewal in relationship or even the start of a new relationship.  If you are in business, great time to negotiate contracts, create partnerships, networking and collaboration. This energy is of “we” vs “I’ so collaboration and partnership is key instead of doing everything on your own.  Set intentions around finding a lover, bonding deeply with a lover, or boosting business collabs. 






When Venus transits the 6thhouse she influences your daily routines, health, diet, and work.  Venus does not enjoy dealing with daily routines as she enjoys pleasures. However, with that said she can sweeten up your daily routines.  You might stary craving more sweets and crave more fruits or plain o’ sugar.  Your work will be much more pleasant especially with clients and coworkers


Aquarius's Crystals for the Month:

Hematite- Powerful, Strong, and Grounding Energy

Pink Topaz- Spiritual and Physical Rejuvenation

Love, Abundance, & Luck,




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