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Monthly Horoscope

August 2020

Goal Setting & Goal Getting

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Pisces, Mars transiting the 2nd house of resources will be a little bitter sweet.  The positive side will be that you can set some money goals.This is a great time to set intentions regarding your resources or changing your diet.  Mars can cause extra expenditures or just simply cause you to burn through your money. Be very frugal.  Being responsible with your assets will pay off . Mars will be squaring Pluto and Jupiter this is the combination of great wealth.  Whatever system you establish now as long as you are saving (Saturn energy) you can come out of this aspect a richer wealthier person. Additionally, you can develop new values regarding how you spend or save money. If you got your money game on point than you can fill this energy in regard to physical activity and body image. When Mars transitis this house its best to make lifestyle changes rather than diets.  You will feel very passionate about humanitarian causes which can drive you to partner with networks that have the same believes.  There will be a passionate fire when standing up for what you believe in.  You can also establish savings or investments that pay off at retirement age (2nd house of resources and 11th house of gains) .  If you are a business owner you will have unexpected spending that can pay big by December 2020. Whatever investments you do, make sure they are more on the secure side.


New Moon 8/18/20

New Moon in the 6th House of Work, daily routines, and Health. You can establish new beginnings around manifesting a new job or setting a workout routine.  Mars loves working out and the Sun/Moon in Leo will trine Mars from the 6th house, fueling your drive to pump some iron or just move more. Schedule sometime to meal plan or kickbox.  If tense, its recommended to take a probiotic and even do a juicing fast to cleanse your body from toxins in the gut. 


Venus in the 5th house of romance, creativity, children, and self employment. Venus the planet of love and finances will just simply make you feel beautiful. Venus enjoys the 5thhouse.  Vacation time with family is on your mind. If you are single, you will definitely enjoy dating and being quite adventurous. If you are self employed, creating a new project can also reap great rewards. 


Pisces Crystals For the Month of August:

Carnelian - Provides direction and directs energy.

Garnet- Heals the gut and calms the nervous system.

Love, Abundance, & Luck,




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