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Monthly Horoscope

August 2020

I Love attracting Abundance

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Virgo, Mars will be in the 8th house and Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn in the 5th house.  The 5thhouse of joy, romance, children, and creativity is a little stressed out and pressured.  However, this is great energy to purge any karmic wounds or trauma by cutting cords. Mars will be transiting your 8th house which can shake up your mutual resources, taxes, mutual funds, and finances. You may find yourself knit picking your partner on their spending style. You will have to reorganize how you handle money and cut out what no longer is serving you.  A new idea or hobby can bloom and pay off in the months ahead. Mars transiting the 8th house of sex, occult, esoteric, and secrets will charge up the chakras and seek to connect in a tantric way to your partner.   Mars can also cause vivid dreams so use red jasper and watermelon tourmaline and place near your bedside.  You can also place a dreamcatcher near your bedroom window to filter out some dreams.  


New Moon in Leo on 8/18/20

New moons bring new beginnings. This. New moon is falling in your 12th   house of spirituality and generational karma.  There is a time and place for everything. The time to release any past karma, trauma, hurts, or simply show yourself love is now. Set intentions on establishing a new spiritual routine, schedule some time in your busy life to get spa treatments, and give yourself some R&R.  The intentions you set right now will evolve your spiritual development and transform you. Level up!


Venus will be transiting your 11th house of networks, dreams, and long-term gains.  You can set intentions to manifest a long-term dream that you would love to fulfill.  You want more money, love, or healthier lifestyle. Well, if you can dream it, you can achieve it.  This placement is a great time to set intentions using crystal grids, affirmations, or any manifesting method like 55x5 method. 


Virgo’s Crystals for the Month:

Rhodolite- Stone of Inspiration, bringing inspiration of love via the heart and mind

Clear Quartz- Stone of power, amplifies any energy or intention

Love, Abundance, Luck,




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