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Monthly Horoscope

August 2020

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Check your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for a comprehensive astrology interpretation. Don't know your rising sign, check out my free birth chart calculator.

Cancer, Mars is transiting your 10th house and squaring Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in your 7th house.   Mars is starting some fire in the area of career and status while the great three (Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn) in your 7th house will be causing some strain in your partnerships.  This pressure will start as a tense energy but at the end your work and efforts will pay off. You may be very demanding to your partner or close partnerships.  You are ready to achieve and conquer new worlds in the career forefront. You may get some impulsive ideas and get pull back from your partners. This can be an expect where the partner complains that you are not spending a lot of time with them.  This can also cause some miscommunication with clients.  The good part is that Mars is transiting the highest house of your natal path that you will reap great results.  Mars is ready to battle and win.  Both Mars and Saturn are in signs that they rule so the outcome will be to your favor. Remember to spend quality time with your closest partnerships and create long lasting memories. What best way then to get some cardio dancing or talk long romantic strolls around the neighborhood. 


New moon in Leo on 8/18/20

New moons bring new beginnings, You’ll have a new beginning in the Second house of money and self-worth. This is a great time to set intentions or create a vision board regarding money goals. You can use other forms of manifestation like affirmations, crystals, and candles. 



Wow! Someone is feeling sexy! Venus is in your 1st house and she will push you to take on her sensual persona. Venus in the first house will magnetize your personality and everyone will notice. You may feel like dressing up to look your best even if you are not going anywhere. You may feel like spraying nice perfume or cologne, styling your hair, and glamming up. I recommend wearing beautify clothing for the month of August.  If you are single, you may find yourself attracting suiters and if you are married you can take Venus transit to bond your romantic relationship. You will feel sweeter and more attractive.


Cancer's Crystals for the Month:

Moonstone- enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.

Emerald you with thoughts of luxury and wealth.

Love, Abundance, Luck,





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