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Monthly Horoscope

September 2020



Rearrange your home

Check your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for a comprehensive astrology interpretation. Don't know your rising sign, check out my free birth chart calculator.


On September 1st-2nd there is a full moon in your 3rd house of communication.  Great time to work on any commination blockages. The full moon in Pisces is very emotional. You may communicate with some tears which is very rare for the Capricorn rising. This full moon is sextile Uranus which is in your 5th house bringing an opportunity for you to speak your truth in an unconventional but caring fashion. Check out my YouTube video on the Full Moon in Pisces.


 On September 9th, Mars retrogrades in Aries in your 4th house of home and family. Mars hear wants to get to the root of the problem. You may be a general at home commanding orders or just focusing your energy of releasing some karmic trauma. Clear the ancestral lineage.  Sage it up. Feeling pissed—let the steam out by working out at home or gardening for a few hours.  


New Moon in Virgo

On September 17th there is a new moon in Virgo 9th house of wisdom, long distance travel and higher education. A knew you is born. You will now start a new chapter in this area of life.  Want to go back to school – go for it. Travel after this year is over, create a vision board, learn astrology, then check out my Free class.  Your thirst for knowledge has no limit right now.



Venus will transit our 8th house of the occult, mutual finances, and sexuality. Guess what!! You have the make love anytime card or just simply tempted to learn all topics taboo.  Hey too of my favorite topics – says the astrologer.  You can work to release deep rooted issues or just get your money in order.

Love, Abundance, & Luck,


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