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Mercury Enters Aries ♈️

Updated: May 29, 2020

Mercury represents our thought process, mind, and our communication. Mercury is a fast moving planet that spends only two to three weeks in a sign, unless he retrogrades in the sign. Mercury had such a time in Pisces ♓️— he retrograded and all that jazz. Finally, Mercury is moving to Aries and starting a new cycle around the zodiac. Mercury in Aries impacts our mental energy with quick speediness. Our thoughts 💭 are expressed rapidly and our speech is to the point. Warning — we are ro the point so #DontPutYourShoeinyourmouth.

Mercury is starting his new journey through the zodiac. He completed his last transit around the Zodiac with a bang 🎉.

Aries ♈️ is rules by Mars. Mars likes to act first and deal with things later. Mercury in Aries ♈️ has a firey energy and quite adventurous streak too. Lots of fighting spirit. We also tend to argue and express our point of view aggressively. Pay attention on how you communicate, this may avoid disagreements. No need to start a battle. Good thing is that Mercury in Aries is energized with ideas and may have a lot of drive to carry and pursue creative projects, networking, and entrepreneurial projects. Great time to look into taking a short course, read a book, learn a fast skill online, or even teach a online class! Anything Mercury is great to start during this time.


“I communicate clearly and effectively.”

Gem Stones:

Emerald, Red Coral, Hematite, and Green Aventurine.

Mars is in the third house, mercuries natural house of rulership. The house of communicatio, networking, siblings, neighbors, merchant, advertising, sales skills, to name a few. Mars is ruling the ASC & the fifth house. We need to take charge and act upon our endeavors. The fifth house is the house of self employment, creativity, love, and children.

Start something you love 💗 and don’t think twice about it — follow your instincts.

Check your ASC, Sun ☀️, and Moon 🌙 to look at the areas in which this energy will manifest in your life. Don’t forget to also check any natal planets like Venus and Mercury or any other planets that are conjuncting, opposing, squaring, sextiling, or trining the houses where Aries Cusp falls in your birth chart.

♈️ on your 7H cusp - Partnerships, Law, Spouse, Close Friendships, and Business Partners

♉️ on your 6H cusp - Daily routines, Coworkers, Employees, Work, Service, Debt, Enemies, Diet, Health and Pets.

♊️ on your 5H cusp - Romance, Creativity, Self Employment, Love, Fun, and Children

♋️ on your 4H cusp - Home, Deep Rooted Emotions, Karma, and Ancestors

♌️ on your 3H cusp- Communication, Siblings, Short Travel, Education, and Neighbors

♍️ on your 2H cusp - Money, Spending Habits, Personal Assets, Self Esteem & Self Worth, & Food We Eat

♎️ on your 1H cusp - The Physical Body, appearance, First Impression Persona, and Character

♏️ on your 12H cusp - The Hidden, Spiritual Realm, Genetic Lines, Far Away Places, Mental Health, and Bed Pleasures.

♐️ on your 11H cusp - Networking, Society, Dreams, Goals and Monetary Gains

♑️ on your 10H cusp - Career, Authorities, and Status

♒️ on your 9H cusp - Spiritual beliefs, Higher Education, Foreign Lands, and Long term travel

♓️ on your 8H cusp - Mutual Resources, Taxes, Loans, Credit Cards, and Intimate Relations

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