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Mercury says Goodbye 👋 to Gemini ♊️ and Dives🤿 into Cancerian ♋️ Waters

Mercury in Cancer from July 11th, 2021 and will stay in the cardinal water sign until July 27th, 2021. When mercury transits Cancer ♋️ we can we quite moody. The Moon will be mothering the cancer mercury and he will change is moods as often as she changes phases 😆🥁.

Mercury communicates with emotions and will shift from mental to intuitive expression. When mercury is in Cancer ♋️ the focus is in the heart center and emotions. As the moon changes sign mercury will shift in persona but still acting very much so as a Mercury in Cancer ♋️ Placement.

🍀 As soon as Mercury enters Cancer ♋️ he makes an applying trine aspect to Jupiter in Pisces ♓️. Transiting Mercury Trine Transiting Jupiter. This is a Lucky 🍀 aspect. Brings good judgment. Taking in the full picture and understanding the entire process. Speculative thought and thirst to learn more.


🍀 Teaching, Mentoring, and Preaching

🍀Positive thinking.

🍀Interest in learning.


💚feeling good.

🦋Balanced thinking.

🔮Improved communication skills

🍀Good for group activities

✈️Favorable for travel.

💼Excellent for any intellectual 🧠 pursuits

business 🧑‍💼 , legal matters 🧑‍⚖️, commerce, sales, and proposals.

Mercury in Cancer ♋️ individuals learn to communicate with feelings, intuition, and emotions instead of factual speech, direct communication, or actions.

Mantra for Mercury in Cancer:

I honor my moods💜

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